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ISFA - Soccer Betting & Football Fan Forum » Recent Topics ISFA - Soccer Betting & Football Fan Forum » Recent Topics en Tue, 12 Dec 2017 00:54:17 +0000 Anonymous on "good arbitrage betting software" Thu, 25 Feb 2010 21:51:01 +0000 Anonymous 9@ <p>I can recommend you good arbitrage betting software, which I have used for some time. I was just the beta-tester of the program, but I've managed to realize the real profit of using it and got the profit in real cash.<br /> It saves much time, bettors will appreciate its ability to find and calculate arbs at different bookmakers. The program will do this job much better and faster than we do manually. If you start to use it, there will be no need to search a multitude of lines, calculate all possible arbs, sum of odds and profit of every bookmaker. It can even register you on some bookmaker's sites. It can really save you a good deal of so precious time and help you to earn serious money. 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You can expect the graph to move up and down in a consistent manner for a given period of time. If you were to practically apply that on soccer betting, then you have to understand that a specific team might be enjoying a winning streak right now, but at some point that streak will have to end. Therefore, you cannot afford to be too lazy and place your bet on a team that have been winning a great deal of games and assume you can take home the prize pot. On the other end of the spectrum, you must also understand that a team whose been losing for a given period cannot be excluded and has a chance of winning at some point. Beyond these most famous bets, the kinds of soccer bets that are available are limited by one's thoughts. These will range from betting on performance of an individual player, number of cards and penalties that the team gets, to number of goals that are made and surrendered. Massive betting industry-based on soccer, and various betting traditions of the fans all over the world, has now resulted in wide range of the betting options. </p> admin on "Molde - Ventspils preview" Tue, 17 Jul 2012 21:41:45 +0000 admin 2939@ <p>Molde - Ventspils</p> <p>Betting odds (provided by Ladbrokes): <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br /> Molde win: 1.20<br /> Draw: 5.50<br /> Ventspils win: 10.00</p> <p>Asian Handicap odds (by Betvictor): <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br /> Molde -1.75 1.87<br /> Ventspils +1.75 2.05</p> <p>Total Goals Over/Under (from 188bet): <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br /> Over 3.0 1.85<br /> Under 3.0 1.97</p> <p>The top layer Latvian Ventspils is the first hurdle in the Champions League qualifier Wednesday at 20:45. The team beat Tromso 1-0 in a friendly in winter, and Molde manager expects a smooth, tough game at Aker Stadium.</p> <p>- We have seen them in some games where they have dominated the game, but we are unsure of the quality of the Latvian league. It is a physically strong team with at least five men of over 1.90 in the starting. We are aware of the air force, but I think we have managed well in the air against strong teams like Rosenborg and Vålerenga, says Solskjaer who is looking forward to the fight.</p> <p>- This is something players have thought about since the gold was secured in the fall. We have built up to form the time we enter now, and we are a sharper team today than we were when we secured the gold, says Solskjaer not going to change much on the team.</p> <p>- There will be a maximum of one change from the team that started against Vålerenga. Except that Camara has been a slight shift in the knee, we have a fit squad among those who have played in recent games.</p> <p>- What is a good result in the home match?</p> <p>- A result that makes Venstpils must win at home to advance. In these battles, it is always important to avoid conceding a goal, so 0-0 can also be a good result for us.</p> <p>Will copy the RBK<br /> Solskjaer is very hungry for European success, and he believes there are good chances to get into a playoff either in the Champions League or Europa League.</p> <p>- If we beat Ventspils, we are guaranteed four games in Europe. It is important that Norwegian football club teams coming as far as possible in these cups. I think that both Rosenborg and Tromsø can do well in the Europa League, but it is us Norway must trust in the Champions League. The dream for us in Molde is of course to achieve the status as Norwegian Rosenborg had suksesslag in Europe.</p> <p>Then at least latvierne turned over two matches. Ventspils is a fairly new team with a short football history. But the team has managed to meet three Norwegian team in the European context. They knocked out Vålerenga from Intertoto Cup in the late 90th century, and since they have broken out in the qualifying matches against Fire and Vålerenga.</p> <p>The team won the Latvian series last year, and now they lie in 3rd place in this year's league.</p> <p>No one from Ventspils were present at the press conference in Molde. The team will train at Akjer Stadium at 20.45 on Tuesday evening.</p> <p>Molde - Ventspils is shown in Rbnett directly from Wednesday at. 20.45. Away games are played Tuesday. 17.</p> <p>==&gt;Maybe under 3.0 goals is worth a bet if Solskjaer is approaching the game cautiously? </p> Anonymous on "How to spot a winning soccer betting pick" Fri, 30 Apr 2010 01:36:20 +0000 Anonymous 16@ <p>I was a compulsive gambler that lost everything. Every Single thing. 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