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7 years ago | Anonymous ()

We are now hiring great sport tipsters.
Two positions are open.

After a very successful start of our service we are looking to expand our territory.
We need experts in many leagues of Soccer, and American sports. Let us know your specialty.

1.) You should have at least five years of betting experience with a minimum of 1000 bets in your betting history.
2.) You should have a ROI of at least 8% for these 1000 bets.
3.) You should deliver the bets trough our trading platform that instant delivers the tips as an SMS and email to our subscribers.
4.) You need to deliver a minimum of 10 tips per month.
5.) Honesty:
- All your picks delivered to us should only exclusively be used for our service.
- All bets should be delivered to our clients at least 2 hours before the game starts.
- Odds, handicaps and bookmakers and other data should be delivered as seen on page.
We are constantly keeping an eye on this so don’t even think about tampering with your results.

Base Pay: 250 euro per month.
Bonus Pay: We pay 50 euro for every unit of net profit you deliver.

500 units per year gives: 25 000 euro in bonus payment
400 units per year gives: 20 000 euro in bonus payment
300 units per year gives: 15 000 euro in bonus payment
200 units per year gives: 10 000 euro in bonus payment
150 units per year gives: 7 500 euro in bonus payment
100 units per year gives: 5 000 euro in bonus payment
50 units per year gives: 2 500 euro in bonus payment

With the start of a new year we restart the counting of your units.
Bonuses are paid every 12 months. (Max. 100 000 euro per tipster, and 12 month period.)
If you are in minus after 6 months your position will be up for discussion.

All tipsters that we think qualify, will be put on a trial for a number of bets depending of your betting style and more.

Do you have what it takes?
If you think you have what it takes to be a profitable sport tipster with us, then send in your application today!

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  1. Anonymous:

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  2. kinoman3819:

    Posted 7 years ago by Member

    There are even better tipsters on this forum. See my signature:

    Or visit for an excellent betting community:
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