The Brazilian Diego Costa will play with Spain the World Cup


Brazilian striker of Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa, will play for the Spanish. After starting the Royal Spanish Football Federation formalities in order to be selected by Vicente Del Bosque, missing only the other player, who swore and the Spanish Constitution last July . If all goes as planned, the Red may have one of the form strikers in the league in recent times facing the World important event of 2014 to be held in Brazil, where Spain defend the title World Champion harvested in 2010 in South Africa.

Vicente Del Bosque is determined to have Diego Costa, one of the architects of the metamorphosis undergone by Atletico Madrid in recent years, which has become the only viable alternative to the hegemony of the two two of the League, and currently the offensive reference mattress box after the departure of Monaco Falcao , for the next World Cup, to be held next summer in Brazil. To this end, Spanish coach has urged RFEF to start the paperwork for the Brazilian striker FIFA recognizes 24 years as selectable Spain . To meet all the requirements for it, so just missing the other of the player, you must choose between Brazil and Spain.

Although Diego Costa has played two games for the Brazilian national team, they were friendly and official matches, so that the Brazilian would have no problem being called by Vicente Del Bosque. FIFA, how could it be otherwise met all the necessary requirements, will not be faulted and the player himself who decides how selection play . If you opt for Spain, Diego Costa should communicate its decision in writing to the FIFA , such statutes is collected in the body chaired by Joseph Blatter.

“A Player who has the right to change association shall submit to the FIFA general secretariat a written request duly justified . The Players’ Status Committee shall decide on the request. Apply the Rules of Procedure of the Players’ Status Committee and the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FIFA. Once the application has been submitted, the player may not play for any team until his request has been processed “

The decision is not easy to take. Well if Diego takes the decision to play for Spain, once playing a match, official or friendly, with Red, you can not do it again with no other choice , since the same statutes FIFA say “a player who holds dual nationality may exercise only once, the right to request the authorization to play international matches other association which is a national”.

The news of the possible” transfer “of Diego Costa for Red is something that probably will not leave you indifferent and will surely generate much discussion . The Brazilian striker is a quality player as been showing lately, but is one of the players “hated” in stadiums visiting Atletico, they are well known for all his evil arts, improper many times an athlete professional.

Should Del Bosque Diego Costa and select you think the brasileo “taint” the good image of the Red?

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