Winter transfer market: All movements of the Liga BBVA

liga bbva winter transfer market: all movements of the liga

This last morning has closed the winter transfer market in La Liga , the last chance for teams reinforced facing the decisive stage of the competition , in which the title is a play, others dispute the possibility of European competition next season and others permanence.

Despite times of crisis that we’re playing live, the elite national football has invested 15 million euros in strengthened in this newly buttoned winter market transfer almost have spent 3.5 million in the same period last year . Valencia of Juan Antonio Pizzi, with additions and six outputs circus, the team of the Liga has moved more and Barcelona and Real Madrid <. / strong> the least, as there has been in these two teams no movement

The signings have shaped the most notorious Sergio Canales , leaving Valencia to sign for four seasons and a half, Real Sociedad, Seydou Keita , which returns to the League to play for Valencia, after passing through the Chinese Dalian Aerbin, Mohamed Sissoko , formerly of Valencia, Liverpool, Juventus and PSG among other equipment that has signed for Levante, and Diego Ribas , which returns to Atl

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Villaverde C. F. walks toward the future # HTCHoyTodoCambia

Today we will step out of the usual tone of the blog where we address issues related to great football teams (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ??Milan, etc.) to address an issue related to football Neighborhood This is the story of CF Villaverde, Madrid club The struggle to climb Villaverde 3rd Division but unfortunately your field is sandy, what it was mission impossible to climb into that category, because the fields are not regulatory arena. Villaverde needed a new field and thanks to his initiative and HTC Today Everything Changes the football field villaverde cf walks ahead # htchoytodocambia And not all stood there since last December had a very special surprise. That day the players were bused to their field and jump around the field could see 20 children waving a flag Champions Click here to watch the video

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Racing Santander gives a lesson to football

cup racing santander real sociedad quarterfinal second leg suspended mdsvid20140130 angel lavin opt 0183 20 racing santander gives a lesson world of football

rarely seen gestures last night as we could contemplate El Sardinero The repercussion yesterday further stirred the waters in Santander and while the players were not able to time your goal (make the directive resign en bloc) will be be attentive to the events of the coming days as yesterday’s game was a seed from which I doubt not shoot very positive, which in this case could not be anything other than a policy commensurate with the seriousness and the trajectory of a history of our football as Racing Santander Players will follow soon so trying to return the club to second

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Real Madrid and Atletico much of the season playing against each other

carlo ancelotti diego simeone atletico madrid real madrid aldima20130928 march 0014 real madrid and atletico opt much of the season playing against each other

The match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid If this had happened two seasons ago, the white fans would be rubbing his hands as would present a triple triumph of own as had been customary during the preceding 14 seasons. But the good Cholo That gives more excitement to all. Precedents are still there but seem to have balanced forces and also Atletico What do you think will happen in these derbies? Will he return to the Real Madrid imposed or get Atletico continue to give trouble to their rich neighbors

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Curtois and Herrer


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Racing players threaten to not play against Real Sociedad

real sociedad racing racing players threaten to not play against real sociedad

situation Racing de Santander, which takes time immersed in serious economic mismanagement by its directives recent years , has become untenable. The players, who spent several months without pay, sick of the false promises of racinguista directive, issued a statement claiming that if the board does not resign in the next few hours, will not play Thursday against the Royal Society .

Before Workout this morning, Mario Fern

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Illarramendi and Isco, a supporting cast of stars

isco illarramendi and isco illarramendi, a supporting cast of stars

Although the situation of both can change in a more or less near future, the truth is that Asier Illarramendi and Francisco Roman Alarcon Isco They have gone from being the stars of Real Sociedad and Malaga respectively mere side Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti actors, which is enabling not just in the capital of the kingdom begin to consider the suitability of both signings.

Both Illarramendi as Isco came to Real Madrid last summer. Florentino P

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Carlos Vela depends upon himself for the World Cup

carlos vela carlos vela.real depends upon himself to go to the world

repeatedly After resigning his selection, Carlos Vela is in his hand to play the next World Cup , to be staged next summer in Brazil, although this footballer of the Royal Society must convince Miguel Herrera , who has taken the reins of the Tri , that craves represent their country in the most prestigious tournament in world football.

Mexico’s new coach will travel to Europe next February and his idea is the meeting with Carlos Vela in San Sebastian , to spot check the readiness of the player for the World Cup next year, according to different media said. ” “.

Mexico failed to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil going many troubles. In fact, the ball did not come until the playoffs to eliminate New Zealand , after a qualifying round where De la Torre offered a yield well below expectations, ranking fourth in their group (North, Central America and Caribbean), after United States , Costa Rica and Honduras .

Although in Mexico there who does not want in the selection , due to their ongoing resignations incorporating Carlos Vela would be a very great news for the Aztec country as Real Sociedad player, only 24 years old, is living the best moment of his career in San Sebastian , where after not noted in the various operator where he was on loan from Arsenal, has found its place and has regained his best, one that led him to join Arsenal after being the most outstanding player of World sub17 2005 was proclaimed

Signed by the Royal Society for three summers, first on loan and then owned, Carlos Vela has become the estrellla of txuriurdin box (whitish in Basque), and was one of the greatest architects of last season’s team San Sebasti

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Diego Forl


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The league more exciting than ever

opt 1,123,577 640,360 17,732,406 the league more exciting than ever

The term the first day of the second round has left us great news: things league The The Barcelona Three equipazos into a fist … and the thing could have been even more exciting if the Cholo Siemeone How about the tightness of the league right now

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