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The National Front calls Benzema is the French section

The French far-right party’s reaction , which is led by the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen , Not waiting. “Benzema statements are inconceivable and unacceptable disregard for the national team who is lucky enough to wear. The National Front condemns this attitude insulting dirty again the image of the France team, already stained by Kynsna fiascos in South Africa, skids some players at Euro 2012 and lower selection of a few months ago. Therefore, we ask the FFF (French Football Federation) to discard the players who definitely have a motivation and patriotism pusillanimous . If Benzema does not see where the problem does not sing the Marseillaise, the French no problem will not play more for the national team. “

I personally I think all this bullshit topic. Without going any further, I would like to see, if I had the song lyrics, many of the players from the Spanish team, World champions of Europe, it would sing. I’m sure they would not half. If mandatory sing the Spanish national anthem on the eve of each meeting of the selection, we would have a big problem and probably would not be World Champions or Europe . Less than ours has no lyrics …

Do you think something serious Benzema refuses to sing the French anthem? Should it be removed from his selection for it?

More – Who will supply Casillas in the two decisive duels against Finland and France?

Photo – La Vanguardia

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Leonardo’s future would be with the French PSG


 leonardo leonardo future of french would be with psg

After that was unveiled Inter’s interest by the Argentine Marcelo Bielsa to head the team next season, the French newspaper L’Equipe says that in recent days the new Qatari leaders Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have developed an interesting strategy to replace the team in positions of privilege Europe But the Brazilian did not reach the French club as coach, but as manager, closely accompanying the work of coach Antoine Kombouar

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Results 2010 World Grand Mexican victory, French disappointment

 mexico world cup 2010 france results, great mexican victory, french disappointment

Mexico selection

football has confirmed with a convincing 2-0 France , which is one of the great entertainers of the World, while the Welsh have confirmed that pass through one of his worst moments over the past twelve years, leaving few options to rank second round .

First it is worth noting the two attitudes on the pitch, control, delivery, enthusiasm and pride of Mexicans, and the apathy, fatigue, lack of will, indifference and lack of ideas part of the French. As a result, just a marker, which outlines the two Latin American selections (Uruguay and Mexico) as the favorites of Group A.

The Mexican team took advantage of France’s goal drought with a smart game and good ball control sentenced her first triumph in the history of the Gauls in world cups.

The first goal came at minute 64 by Javier Hernandez, who entered the second half of the goal even further noted a curious historical fact, as his maternal grandfather, Thomas Balcazar he scored for France in the World 1954.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco, a veteran of 37 years, completed the victory with a 79th minute penalty.

With this result, Mexico has four points with three goals scored by one received and is second behind Uruguay group with four points, three goals for his cause and embedded zero, France has one point and two goals against South Africa unit and three goals conceded.

More Results

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French fans: only 4,000 tickets reserved for the 2010 World Cup

one month from the beginning of World South Africa (June 11-July 11), only 4,000 tickets have been reserved by the French fans. The first buyers of tickets are the Americans with 110. 000 tickets reserved, followed by Britain with 97. 000 tickets, Australians and Germans with 43. 000 and 40. 000 tickets. In Africa, “the first country is the ticket buyer with Ghana 8700 tickets. Suit Côte d’Ivoire 6000. Algeria in 4300 bought, “detailed the general secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke. According to him, the problems of Internet bookings, which a small part of the African population has access, ticket prices too high but also the air transport expensive and inconvenient are the main reasons for this disaffection.

Source: AFP

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