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As you read this, the entire site is being revamped. The layout for the 'player profiles' will be upgraded over time so that all of the layout is the same. 

Included in the player profiles are the following: name, team, date of birth, birthplace, height, weight, and previous clubs.

Included in the trainer profiles are the following: name, team (where applicable), date of birth, birthplace, playing career, and coaching career. Not all of the trainers or coaches listed are currently employed, having been sacked or resigned from a previous position. However, these coaches will continue to remain on the list.

It must also be explained that no players are deliberately left off the site, for example, Fernando Redondo.

The reason these players haven't been included is because there are either no "high quality" photos of these players available or no singular action shots of the players by themselves. However, this may change during the '98-99 season.

Obviously, the same goes for certain club sides like Benfica or Liverpool. At the moment, there aren't enough pictures for a top quality site for certain club teams.

Tell us what you think, who you want to see, or just leave messages for other fans.