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Holland Casino Eredivisie Wagering Preview

Here is a betting guide to the upcoming Holland Casino Eredivisie season. It identifies teams that have improved and those that have gotten worse. Which clubs will compete to win the Netherlands top league? Which ones are most likely to be relegated? Read the guide to find out each team's prospects for the year ahead and start profiting from gambling on Dutch football.

Categorized Table The + , - or +/- symbols indicate whether a team got stronger, weaker or is more or less at the same strength as last season, according to my views.

1. PSV +/-

2. Ajax Amsterdam +
3. AZ Alkmaar +
4. Feyenoord Rotterdam -

5. FC Groningen +/-
6. SC Heerenveen +/-
7. FC Twente +/-
8. Vitesse +
9. Roda JC -
10. FC Utrecht -

11. RKC Waalwijk -
12. ADO Den Haag +
13. NEC Nijmegen -
14. Sparta Rotterdam +

15. NAC Breda -
16. Willem II Tilburg -
17. Heracles Almelo +/-

18. Excelsior Rotterdam +

A. PSV's squad got a little bit stronger, but they lost coach Hiddink and that's quite a blow. Nevertheless I rate them as skyhigh favorites for the title again, they're still by far the best team in Holland.

B. Ajax signed some very experienced players and signed Barcelona's assistant Henk ten Cate as their new coach, and I expect quite a lot of this renewed team. They'll probably need time to become a team on the pitch, but they should be 'best of the rest'. AZ lost some keyplayers, but signed on the other hand almost every talent available in Holland and definitely didn't get any weaker. Feyenoord is the black horse in this company, they lost Kalou and didn't sign any impressive players so far. They have quality, but I don't think it's good enough to compete with PSV, Ajax and AZ.

C. Again there's a big group on almost the same level behind the top 4 teams; Groningen and Heerenveen do have the best squads, but especially Twente and Vitesse are dangerous outsiders for a high rank. Groningen and Twente will play with almost the same squads as last season, Heerenveen has to deal with several changes, while Vitesse signed experienced De Mos as their new headcoach and they got stronger up front. Roda and Utrecht will have most difficulties, they didn't get stronger at all.

D. RKC and NEC are like every season in this group: not good enough to compete for European qualification, but definitely too good to be involved in the relegation zone. Neither RKC nor NEC did anything spectacular this summer, but it doesn't matter as they have enough quality to finish on a safe spot. The same goes for ADO and Sparta; they absolutely improved their squad this summer and should both have a careless season as I can't see them getting into trouble.

E. It could be a surprise I do rank NAC and Willem II in this group, but I'm simply not impressed by them this summer. NAC definitely got worse and the atmosphere is not good in Breda, and I predict another difficult season for them. Willem II is extremely hard to rate as they had a shitload of changes this season, and they might get out of this group but at the moment it's not what I would forecast. Heracles had a hell of a season last year, but I don't think they can do it again. Their squad isn't any better than last season's, and their coach is worse than last season's.

F. Excelsior is new in this league, but I don't think Feyenoord's little brother will stay for long; they're by far the worst team in this league and their new coach won't help them avoiding relegation.

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