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ISFA is the primary source for soccer mailing lists on the internet. We currently house some 415 lists within our ever expanding list server. All these lists are provided by us for free to our clients, some of which are linked and/or represented by official soccer clubs.

We have space for sale in the text banners of emails that are sent out to the mailing lists whose home is located at ISFA. This amounts to a current figure of approximately 15 million mails per month posted by the fans.

Banner advertising on the ISFA site is displayed at the top of each page unlike some where it is hidden away at the base. This enables the advertisement to be seen as soon as it is loaded without having to view the rest of the contents of that page.

Advertising on ISFA will reach a highly specific, self-selected audience of sports enthusiasts. We can target their interests based on the lists they subscribe to from our site, and the answers they provide to our surveys. Please visit our Visitor Demographic sections for more details on the types of people who will be seeing your ad.


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