Atletico Madrid Preview

One of the greatest teams in Spain, but one that is sleeping quietly for many years. Each year they start on a high, but always finish with the same story: great failure and disappointment. Many have characterized this club as "strange team with many complexes" and this is not far from the truth. They have a strong home ground, but that wasn’t the case last year, where Atletico was better on the road! That has to do with their ultras’ demands. These rabid fans want their team to be on top and have no patience. Many times in the Vicente Calderon, the situation wasn't optimal for the players, but most of the time the fans had a point. Atletico were really bad in many games, lacking motivation, passion and obedience. Many accused the trainers and they were right. Manzano and Cesar Ferrando proved to be inappropriate, without clear ideas and discipline. But what about Carlos Bianchi? He failed too and the B team's Pepe Murcia saved the unsaved.

Players In:
Javier Aguirre (Osasuna) 
Pernía (Getafe) 
Seitaridis (Dinamo Moscú) 
Costinha (Dinamo Moscú) 
Agüero (Independiente de Avellaneda) 
Zé Castro (Académica de Coimbra) 
Marcelo Sosa (Osasuna) 
Miguel (Hércules) 
Mista (Valencia) 
Jurado (Real Madrid) 
Players Out:
Pepe Murcia
Manu del Moral (Getafe) 
Velasco (Espanyol) 
Colsa (Racing) 
Zahínos (Almería) 
Jorge (Celta) 
Transfers assessment:
The greatest transfer was on the bench, where Javier Aguirre in under command! The Mexican is the best solution for Atletico. Many times in the past, watching Atletico's performance one thought "Aguirre will make them a team" and now he is in charge! Regarding the players, Atletico were strengthened enough, buying Pernia, Seitaridis, Costinha in defense and some other players who will give depth in the team. Some other names are about to sign too, so lets wait a few days. From the departures, none was important.

It is Aguirre that makes the difference this year. Atletico will fight for a place among the top 4.