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Wish there was a tool to help you pick winners? You're in luck. Wagering on soccer has never been easier thanks to several new software programs. Analyze football matches in seconds using dozens or useful criteria. Isolate profitable stats, identify streaks and plot the statistics in charts and graphs. Some of these applications are powered by complex algorithms, but they make it easy for you to use sophisticated tools with just one click. Track leagues, past odds, referees and player performance (among many other variables) that will help you forecast game results. Identify patterns and then use them to bet systematically and predict with confidence. Make statistical analysis easy and calculate probabilities, correct scores and outcomes. And take advantage of unique functions that automatically show profit margins, market prices, or trade and hedge. The following pieces of software will save you hours of research and help you win at soccer betting.

Betting Forums

Sites to tout your picks or get breaking team news.
Betting Systems

Football wagering systems for locating winning patterns.
Betting Software

Programs used to analyze profitable bet angles.
Betting Odds

Compare bookmaker lines/prices for the best value
Betting Tips

Free football picks from top tipsters
Tipsters & Handicappers

Fee based predictions on soccer games from expert tipsters
Live Streaming Sites

Online broadcasts of soccer matches
Soccer Fan Sites

Soccer fanatics meet to rave or diss their teams
Soccer Stats

Analyze team game stats