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Chat Channels at ISFA
Below are the categories for the soccer chat channels at ISFA. Just browse through the relevant options until you find the one that you desire. Don't forget, if you cannot find what you are looking for, why not set it up yourself - FREE.

Europe (13)International (3)
Players (2)
Create your own Chat Channel
ISFA have their own dedicated IRC network that is dedicated to soccer. This means that you may have a FREE channel on our server without having to worry about the service being unstable due to non-related traffic. You will also be sharing the network with like minded people who have a passion for the greatest game on Earth.

Why not take a look at how we can help you to create and maintain a soccer chat channel for you. [Click here]

Forthcoming LIVE COMS at ISFA
If you can contribute with Live Commentaries, please email
April 18th Champions League Quarter Final
April 19th Champions League Quarter Final
May UEFA Trophy Finals & FA Cup Final
Connect using Standard IRC Software
Java applet too slow for your liking? Why not connect using a dedicated IRC client that will enable you to fully utilise the functionality and enjoyment of IRC.

Server:, Port: 6667

If you are using a Windows based PC, we recommend that you try mIRC

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