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07-13-2007, 10:28 AM
http://www.betfair.com (http://www.betfair.com/?promotionCode=ANGMRGLHE)
Code for 50$ bonus: ANGMRGLHE
Betfair is the biggest online betting site in Great Britain. It is
in top 10 for the world. THe company started in 2000 year and
quickly reached N1 sport in Great Britain, because of the
innovation- in Betfair in the sportsbetting section you bet
against other people. That makes the odds 20% better than in
any other sportsbetting site.You can also lay something not to
happen, for example, you lay draw in a football match, that
brings a lot of new tactics into betting. THe site also offers
poker, casino
and exchange games like hi-lo, texas hold'em and others.
If you register with this code ANGMRGLHE You will receive
50$ bonus after you stake a total of 100$ and more bonuses
later depending on your activity. That bonus is for all
clients of Betfair sportsbetting, poker, casino and games.
For the poker players there is also additional 150$ bonus,
which makes a total of 200$ bonus for the poker players.