View Full Version : I Made A Bet!~

07-29-2007, 05:02 AM
The weather this summer has been really dry with not too much rain. Therefore it has been quite the challenge to keep my landscaping looking nice. Obviously like many neighborhoods there is always the man who spends hours each day watering his yard, just for the slight chance that the other neighbors will complement his great landscaping techniques…. That of course is not me, but I do want to have green grass, instead of yellow, dying grass…So I try watering my yard…But of course I am troubled at trying to determine which time would be the best time to water my yard…Morning, afternoon, or at night…. I see sprinklers going all day and all night…But when really is the best time to water your yard. One would think this question would be answered quickly by many people, yet upon asking 7 of my close friends, I received different opinions from each of them. Finally I got pissed off and walked down to the neighbor’s house who has the “perfect yard” to ask his opinion… He told me in the “afternoon”…I thought to myself…that can’t be right and asked him if he wanted to bet on it. For two weeks, he is only going to water his yard in the afternoon and I will water mine only in the morning…Then in two weeks we will compare yards and decide the winner. I know it is only a $50 bet, but I cannot explain to you how frustrating this summer has been…So Just because I’m curious… I was wondering your opinion on this matter…WHEN REALLY IS THE BEST TIME to water your yard… MORNING, AFTERNOON or NIGHT! Someone please fill me in!