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Meerkat 09-19-2006 05:08 AM

Footy team's 'wanker' shirts banned
An Essex football club's new shirts have been banned because they have 'The Referee's a Wanker' on them.

Players at Stambridge United got the strip in a sponsorship deal with author Chris Turner, reports The Sun.

He recently released a book of football chants and named it after the age-old insult hurled at refs by fans.

The shirts have a red card strategically placed over the 'a' in 'Wanker'.

Stambridge have now been barred from playing in them by the Baliston Essex Olympian League.

Mr Turner, 41, said: "I think it's absolutely absurd.

"The strips are part of a sponsorship deal worth thousands and are certainly not meant to be offensive - you can hear the chant at every football match in the country."

League spokesman Peter Godfrey said: "It could be deemed offensive."

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