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At ISFA you can register your ICQ number and information about you as a soccer fan. This will enable you to be found by other fans who support or just want to do some ICQ soccer chat or for you to locate other fans with similar interests. Through ICQ you can connect with thousands of fellow soccer enthusiasts Worldwide; share, network, explore and discuss issues on your favourite soccer team or topic! Just add your info to ISFA's ICQ Soccer Fan data base and join the growing number of fans using this new service by ISFA!

NickICQ No.Favourite TeamsLanguagesCountry

Kolasi36259217AEK AThensEnglish, GreekGreece

Starco3255162FC Aris,FC Levski 1914,Yuventus,Real,Dortmund,Aston Villa,Porto,MonacoEnglish,Greek,BulgarianGreece

Zidane31349607Juventus Barcelona Galatasaray PAOKGreek English ItalianGreece

ziru103183080Partizan Belgrade FCSerbian, EnglishGreece

ziru103183080Partizan Belgrade FCSerbian, EnglishGreece

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