ISFA offers all Internet Soccer Fans the opportunity of REGISTERING their IRC Soccer Channel, or start a NEW one at ISFA's ISFAnet IRC Soccer Server for FREE ! There are various benefits to REGISTERING your IRC Soccer Channel to ISFAnet as outlined below :

FREE hosting by the ISFA Web Server of a Mini Web Page promoting your IRC Soccer Channel. You provide the Mini Web Page as per instructions in irc.txt available at the end of this page.

* Featured in
ISFAnet Registered Channels Page Homepage linking to your FREE Mini Web Page.

* Featured in
ISFA's IRC Soccer Calendar Homepage where all upcoming events and Live Coms at your Channel will be displayed.

* Entry to your IRC Soccer Channel through the
ISFAnet Web Chat where fans can access your Channel directly through their Web Browsers !

FREE Mailing List available so you can reach your Channel members with Channel and Soccer news by sending one mail to all subscribed recipients.

So What Do I Do Now ?

Easy ! To
REGISTER your IRC Soccer Channel to ISFA completely FREE just send a BLANK message to :

and you will recieve instructions automatically.

Just follow the guidelines in the irc.txt file when you recieve it and you'll be
REGISTERED to ISFA and featured as outlined above, including your Channel Mini Page, for FREE !

Download the ISFA Logos that you will need for your Mini Web Page now !

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