Ticket Registration Scheme 1997/8

It is Arsenal's intention to introduce a Ticket Registration Scheme for next season to assist regular supporters to purchase tickets on a match by match basis, subject to availability.

The support this season has been magnificent and demand is far exceeding the present capacity of 38,500. While in the long term, the club is actively looking at ways to increase Highbury's capacity, it was felt that some measures needed to be introduced immediately to enable regular supporters to get tickets more easily.

The Ticket Registration Scheme will not only assist regular fans, it has also been designed to reduce the number of visiting supporters obtaining "home" tickets. The scheme has been suggested by supporters as the best way forward for match day sales.

Membership of the scheme will cost 20.00 (including VAT) for which each member will receive a 1 discount on each home FA Premier League ticket purchased next season.

Tickets will be issued at the rate of one per match for each registration held.

Tickets go on sale to members of the scheme TWO calendar months in advance of match day in the following ways:

1. BY POST - write to the Box Office, Arsenal Stadium, Highbury, London N5 1BU. You should state clearly your Ticket Registration Scheme Number and enclose a blank cheque made payable to 'Arsenal Football Club Plc' (with a suitable limitation) and a stamped addressed envelope.

2. BY TELEPHONE CREDIT CARD BOOKING - please ring the Members Hotline on 0171-413 3370, quoting your Ticket Registration Scheme Number and Credit Card number. A booking fee will be charged.

3. IN PERSON - call at the Arsenal Box Office in Avenell Road. Ticket Registration Scheme Cards must be produced for inspection. Each personal caller may tender no more that four cards.

In order that supporters do not have to spend hours queuing for certain matches, they will NOT be open to personal callers for the home matches versus:

Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle United.

Only postal and telephone applications will be accepted for these fixtures. All telephone applications will incur a booking fee.

Any tickets remaining will go on general sale ONE calendar month in advance of match day.

Please note that membership of the Ticket Registration Scheme does NOT guarantee a ticket for all home games. The more popular fixtures will continue to sell very quickly and Arsenal FC recommends that members apply for their tickets on the first day of their availability.

If you wish to participate in the scheme, you must send in the registration form by May 31, 1997.

Forms are available from the Box Office.

Enquiries realting to the Scheme should be directed to the Box Office at the Stadium on 0171-704 4040.

Enquiries relating to the form and despatch of Registration Cards should be directed to 01782 741 997.

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