Liam Brady in full flight with Frank Stapleton watching.


Brian Talbot scores from a David Price cross to put Arsenal 1-0 up. Talbot, who had played for Ipswich the previous year in beating Arsenal 1-0 had predicted a 3-2 score line the night before the final in the Evening Standard.


Frank Stapleton heads home to make the score 2-0 to the Arsenal.

Manchester United then proceeded to pull back to 2-2 with goals from Gordon McQueen and Sammy McIlroy

Graham Rix made a break on the left wing, and sent a superb cross in to the goal area, where Alan Sunderland stunned Manchester United fans who were still celebrating their teams second goal by slotting the ball into the back of the net.

Click here for a video of this goal.

  Wembley erupted into a sea of yellow and blue as Sunderlands teammates rushed to congratulate him.
  At the final whistle, the Arsenal bench leapt to it's feet, and moments later, captain Pat Rice held aloft the coveted FA Cup.

Arsenal Football Club

F.A. Cup Winners 1979

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