This page is dedicated to those who have contributed to the wonderful history of the Arsenal Football Club. Specific players, managers, and events will be added to this site regularly so that Gooners everywhere can bask in the glory that is Arsenal.


The Players

Liam Brady - The sensational "Chippy," the mastercraftsman behind Arsenal's success in the late 1970's and now head of Arsenal's youth development program.

George Graham - Player during the 70-71 Double winning team and former manager.

Charlie George - Player during the 70-71 Double winning team. One of Arsenal's greatest ever.

The Events

1979 FA Cup Final - After leading 2-0 at half-time, Arsenal allowed Manchester United to draw level at 2-2. Then came the most sensational finish in FA Cup Final history.

The Glorious History

Arsenal - The Glorious History gives a detailed account of the growth of the Arsenal Football Club, from it's founding in 1886, to the present day.
Compiled by ISFA Chanop "I_Wright".

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