#England IRC Channel on ISFANet

The ISFANet IRC Channel #England is the place to be for full match comentry, up to date transfer news, all the England Squad details and much more.

To get to ISFANet use one of the following methods:

1 Connect through your IRC Client

Connect to the ISFANet server through any usual IRC Client such as mIRC. Just add the following server:

Server: irc.isfa.com
Port: 6667

2 Connect through ISFA's WebChat page

If you have a recent browser that supports Java, then click on this image to start chatting now!

#England is a soccer chat forum for people who wish to find out more about the premiership, the world of soccer and information on your club.

So just join #England.

If you require any more information, then email me at: k-stand@usa.net

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