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Hi and welcome to the Forest chat forum. We are now using a server provided by I.S.F.A net The Internet Soccer Fans Association for your complete access to #forest. You can chat about anything you wish, but Forest sounds like a good idea to me.

To get to ISFANet use one of the following methods:

1 Connect through your IRC Client

Connect to the ISFANet server through any usual IRC Client such as mIRC. Just add the following server:

join Channel #Forest.

2 Connect through ISFA's WebChat page

If you have a recent browser that supports Java, then click on this image to start chatting now!

#Forest is a soccer chat forum for Forest fans. Have a whinge about anything forest, join for match commentry, or just to talk with other Forest fans

So just join #Forest.


You can find out what the next activities at IRC #forest are at the #soccer Calendar Page.

For more info E-Mail me