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This page is an advertising page for an IRC channel of mine, located at ISFAnet's IRC server ( irc.isfa.com 6667 ). This channel's purpose is to discuss Israeli soccer events, not for Israelis only. Some live-coms (maybe :)) will be also prepared, only Israeli soccer of course. Because of the league is coming to its end, not plenty of live-coms can be produced. Maybe the 29th or 30th game in the league will be shown (Sat, 17:45 Israeli time (GMT +0200)). Just chat will be also allowed, although not during the live-coms. Enjoying this channel is promised, though the Israeli soccer league isn't so bad as it seems to some of you. Just to prove (last results of the Israeli national team):
Israel 2 Bulgaria 0
Israel 1 Russia 1
Luxembourg 0 Israel 3
Israel 2 Cyprus 0

and more to come...

The main language on #Israel is English. Hebrew is also allowed, but recommended in private chats only. This channel's S-Ops list will be provided soon. For Spainish speaking users, you can speak Spanish at #futbol_mundial.

Just connect IRC.ISFA.COM port 6667 and /join #Israel.
You can also access the #Israel channel using
ISFA's Web Chat. (warning: for JAVA enabled browsers only)
visitors since Sat May 11 1997.
For more info for becoming S-Ops on this channel or problems to be solved (ie bans etc.), please contact
goldshtn@netvision.net.il using E-Mail. On IRC, I can be accessed as Fan.