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Welcome to my Mini Web Page of the IRC #R.Madrid. Here I describe how is the channel of IRC about Real Madrid.

You can come to this channel using a navigator. To do this, you must have a navigator which supports Java. You only have to go to http://irc.isfa.com:8080 and follow the instruccions. Remember the name of the channel, #R.Madrid.

If your navigator doesnīt supports Java, you can try to connect with a IRC program. For do this, you must have a IRC program (you can download it in http://www.redestb.es/personal/afv, going to "Curso de IRC") correctly configured, and add to it a new server named ISFAnet, with port 6667, and address irc.isfa.com, later only you have to enter in the channel #R.Madrid.

There are the instruccions for Connect to #R.Madrid :

1.-When you load the program, you have to press "Add..."

2.-Fill like this:

Description: ISFAnet

Port(s): 6667

IRC Server: irc.isfa.com

3.-Press "Add"

4.-Connect to Internet.

5.-In the list, select "ISFAnet" and press "Connect to IRC Server!"

6.-Wait for "End of /MOTD command" message and key:

/join #R.Madrid


If you canīt connect, post me at afv@redestb.es.

For questions or suggestions, write me to:


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