` ISFAnet IRC Soccer Server Web Chat !

You must use a Java Compatible Web Browser
to Operate ISFAnet's Web Chat

ISFAnet has set up a great Web Chat entrance to our IRC Soccer Server. All you have to do is access the Web Chat Page and follow these simple steps :

When you access ISFAnet IRC Web Chat Page you must give a couple of minutes for the Java Applet to load at which time it will ask for your e-mail and your nick. Once you have filled out the required info just press the "CONNECT" button and away you go !

Once you have accessed ISFAnet's default Channel,IRC #soccer, or any of the Officially Registered Channels, just chat with the other guests in the Registered Channel of your choice. You will see the available Registered Channels in the left hand side of the IRC Window, and all you have to do to join a channel is double click it.

Have some fun experimenting with the controls you will see on top of the Chat Window, specially the "FLOAT" button which allows you to "float" the window right off the Web Browser and onto your desktop if you minimize your Web Browser.

Another interesting feature is that ALL IRC commands, except DCC Chat or DCC Send, are operational in this IRC Java Applet. So just try it and have fun experimenting and chatting ! You'll find that it really an excellent IRC Server that does just what it's supposed to do, but through the Web Chat ! So just press on the graphic below and start chatting !

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