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Hello and welcome to the Internet Soccer Fans Association!
You have just found the pioneering Soccer community on the Internet. We specialize in providing free services for you, the Soccer Fan. This site is the primary resource on the Internet for Soccer related mailing lists. We're also becoming one of the finest places to host your own website. More information on our free services.

ISFA Welcomes Partner Site!
IWSFA, a new Sports Portal that offers FREE Listserver and Webserver hosting services to sports fans like you, is now ISFA's partner site. It has been built and it is operated by the same fans that bring you ISFA. So visit out IWSFA and let get your sports list and sports website online! [Click Here]

FREE Soccer WebSite Hosting!
You may now host a new site, mirror an existing site, or move an existing site to ISFA for FREE [More info]

FREE Soccer List Page Hosting
If you have a soccer related mailing list, no matter which listserver is hosting it, why not have a page detailing your list including subscription instructions at the ISFA Webserver? This will increase your exposure to potential subscribers. [More info]
You may also subscribe to an existing soccer mailing list or create a new list.

Live Soccer Chat!
Enjoy chatting with other fans in our Web Chat. Meet and discuss issues with other soccer fans worldwide! [Click Here]

Participate in ISFA's Soccer Forum!
You can leave your opinions about the current Soccer issues for other fans to read and discuss in our Web Forum! Make your ideas and opinions be read by fans worldwide! [Click Here]

Soccer Downloads
Pick up various ISFA and soccer related files from our FTP server. [Click here]


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