Denne mailing-list er lavet for at kunne diskutere Aab, nyheder om Aab, resultater, spillere, fans og andet som måtte have interesse
for Aab-fans. Vil du gerne kunne følge med i hvad der sker i Aab og deltage i diskussioner med andre Aab-fans, så er denne liste noget
for dig.

This list is for discussing the Danish team Aab, any news about Aab, its results, players, fans and any other subject that might
be of interest to Aab-fans everywhere. The list will preferably be in Danish, but we will keep it open for english speaking fans to join.
If there are any non-danish fans, all news from the administrator will be in english. All submissions in english will of course be replied
in english, but there will probably still be alot of danish subjects.


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