The purpose of the AC Milan Mailing list is to function as a vehicle for the passion felt by AC Milan fans around the world. It is build around a core of passionate and knowledgeable milanista who love asking and answering questions, duelling on words and who will never tire while the subject is AC Milan. The AC Milan Mailing List encompasses past, present and future as the subjects may wary from great players and games to current standings and rumours on transfers etc.


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The AC Milan Mailinglist is owned and controlled by MilanMania. To help you with your most basic queries and to allow off-line reading we have made an autoresponder that will send you the rules and the commands. You simply send an empty email to: Thanks to Deborah Servey and Poul Hemmingsen for fine-tuning the suggestions and rules.

Should you have any problems or questions of a more complicated nature, please email the acmilan list admin at: The list administration is currently Tim Leidecker and Jan Hviid Hemmingsen.

The rule system works almost exactly as the warnings in soccer/football and have four stages corresponding to four offenses or the severity of an offense. 1) Warning, 2) Yellow card, 3) Red card and finally 4) Ban. To stay in the soccer/football analogy we also have a main referee and more assistants since this list is also a cooperative endavour, as is the MilanMania site in general. You can therefore be sure that any and all violations will be notiched and that also the borderline cases will be debated. When someone violates the rules or behaves in a manner that you think constitutes breaking a rule, please do not start mailing to the list or to us. Be assured that those who break the rules will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Ignore the violating mail and go about your mailing as usual. Please note that severe or repeated violations will result in a more severe punishment, i.e. that some stages will be jumped over! All rules are consieded equally important and the penalties are the same for each of them.

Please note that severe or repeated violations will result in banning without previous warning!

1). If you disagree with someone's opinion, please reply in a polite manner. Do not use dirty, offensive, or abusive language. This list was created because of a prolonged political flame war on another list, in response to the voiced desire to have a forum free from such abuses. Do your part to help keep the peace!

2). If your posting is short but has a valueable point to make, it's acceptable. However, posts with absolutely no meaning is not. Remember, the most important thing is that your post means something to someone besides you. Traffic on this list can get very heavy and some of our members have limited mailbox space. If possible, read through all messages and then copy and paste portions you wish to reply to, with your replies, into one email.

3). It is absolutely necessary to only quote the part you are actually referring to. This saves space and nobody wants to read the same mail again and again. It still has to be obvious what you are referring to though. If in doubt you should rather cut more than less. Not cutting ads are totally unacceptable. Traffic on this list can get very heavy and some of our members have limited mailbox space. If possible, read through all messages and then copy and paste portions you wish to reply to, with your replies, into one email.

4). Every mail which has nothing to do with Milan should be clearly marked with NMC (No Milan Content) in the subject-line because some people on the list want to read about Milan and Milan only.

5). Please do not put the result of games in the subject line. Our members come from around the world and we do not all get to see the games at the same time! People do not want game spoilers.

6). Do not attach ANYTHING to any emails you are posting to this list. This includes picture files and also text files! You should also send plain text mails only. We must be considerate of those who have limited space on their servers for email, and attachments and html mails also prolong the time it takes to collect mail. Furthermore, we must be careful that we are not passing along anything that might contain a computer virus.

7). Do not send chain letters to this list and do not spam (the unauthorized sending of advertisements) this list.

8). Mail in other languages than English must contain an English translation.

9). All pollings or surveys must be approved by us. All pollings or surveys must be answered to the survey-owner, not to the list.

If you are new to the list, we suggest you write a mail adressed to in which you briefly introduce yourself and describe your relationship to the rossoneri. One or more current members are sure to bid you welcome and you will soon be participating in the discussions. We always look forward to hearing from new people with different opinions and views as long as they are expressed in an appropriate tone.

You are always welcome to mail us with your questions and queries, but before you do please read the following questions and answers. They might give you information you need. However, should you have any problems or questions of a more complicated nature, feel free to email the acmilan list admin at:

2A. Subscribe and unsubscribe
Q: What is the digest version?
A: Digest version is a subscribing method in AC Milan Mailing List.
Q: What's the difference between the digest and the normal version?
A: In the digest version, you will receive a single email every day containing all mails in the previous day. In the normal version, you receive every mail sent to the AC Milan Mailing List.

2B. Breaking the rules
Q: What will happen if I break one of the rules?
A: You will be warned (yellow card).
Q: And if I break the rules again?
A: You will be pulled of the list (red card). You can then resubscribe to the list, but if you ever break the rules again, you will be banned and cannot subscribe again.
Q: What is the ban for?
A: It is used to prevent people who have violated the norms and conventions of Internet discourse from partaking of the discussions on the list (see the rules above in 1B for further guidance).
Q: How can I remove the ban?
A: The maintainer is the only one who can remove the ban.

2C. Auto unsubscribe
Q: What is the auto unsubscribe?
A: It is an option in ISFA mailing list. If a mail sent to an address is returned to ISFA, the address will not be in the list again. So, you must re-subscribe to the list. You will not be informed about this!
Q: So, how do I know if I've been unsubscribed?
A: You will not receive mails anymore from the mailing list.
Q: Is it stopping me to join the list again?
A: No, you can subscribe again through the usual method.

2D. Surveys and pollings
Q: Why can't we establish a survey on the mailing list?
A: You can start a survey, but you have to get our permission. Remember, the survey answers should not be mailed to the list.
Q: So, where must the answer be mailed?
A: Forward it to the starter's personal email. So, for the survey starter, be sure your personal email address is on the mail.
Q: Why can't we post the answers to the list?
A: Because it is annoying to those who don't want their mailbox filled with mails sent through this Mailing List which has nothing to do with Milan.

2E. Can't post to the list
Q: I can't post to the list. Why?
A: Maybe, you haven't subscribed to it or maybe your email address which you use to subscribe is different with the email address you use. ISFA only receive the email address which you use to subscribe.
Q: How can I fix the problem?
A: Subscribe to the list using email address you use to send your mails. And, unsubscribe to the list using the other email address.
Q: I can post to the list after doing the above method. But, I receive all mails in double. Why?
A: You haven't unsubscribed the other email address.

On behalf of the AC Milan Mailing List we wish you HAPPY MAILING!

Tim Leidecker and Jan Hviid Hemmingsen.