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The Blues Internet Mailing List, Bluenose, is proof positive that it doesn't matter how far a Blues fan is away from Birmingham the heart stays in St. Andrew's.

Bluenose is kindly hosted by the ISFA. and set up to help Blues fans far and wide keep in touch, From Northfield to Northern Alberta, from Redditch to Reading, the Bluenose can help you keep in touch.

If you would like to participate in lively discussion, flamings, player assasinations or transfer debates why not join Bluenose.

If you're more of a listener than a talker you might be interested in the Bluenose digest. At midnight, all the messages that have passed through the list in the last 24 hours are packaged into a single email message with a subject index at the front and emailed to you as a single package.

The Bluenose mailing list also has it's own football team. The net.Baloos. You can keep up-to-date for all their exploits at The net.Baloos Team Home Page


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