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This is the home of the mailing group CALCIO, hosted by ISFA, the home of internet soccer.
ISFA provides this service for free, as it does most of the soccer mailing groups on the WWW, and we are grateful for such generosity.
CALCIO is a mail forum for everyone who loves Italian football; it is for followers of Serie A who speak and/or write in English, Italian or French.
Se vuoi scrivere in italiano, ecco CALCIO per tutti i tifosi della Serie A !
Si tu veux écrire en français au sujet de football italien, tu peux faire cela ici !
Your moderator does not promise *total* fluency and accuracy ... but understanding ? -- yep! :-)

STOP PRESS !: And now we have decided to extend the language base to include Spanish — just as long as no-one writing in that lovely language expects *me* to understand. :-\


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Once you have joined CALCIO, you will receive confirmation of your subscription; then you can send an e-mail introducing yourself to the others in the list and writing whatever you want to write on the topic of the world's greatest football, Serie A. You will receive all the postings from all the members from then on.
And if you would like more information -- si tu veux savoir plus que t'y vois -- write to Puoi scrivere a quell'indirizzo se vuoi sapere un po' di più.
This mailing group is designed as a forum for everyone who loves Serie A -- whichever teams you love and whichever players.
If you have something genuine to say, to ask or to tell, you are welcome here in the CALCIO mailing list.
But, equally, you are not at liberty to mindlessly criticise or harangue other list members.
That you write does not necessarily mean you are right !
When it comes to football, there IS no *right*, after all ... Just opinions ... :-)