This mailing list,  is provided for your entertainment and education .
This mailing list is provided for traditional as well as non-traditional football (soccer) fans in Canada.
This mailing list is provided as a means for you to vent your frustrations in Canadian soccer:
    The main function of this list is to facilitate discussions on current canadian
    soccer issues and news.  We encourage discussion on Canadian professional, National
    or youth soccer.  We all have an occasional pint at the local pub, and we all have the
    "answers" for what's ailing (ale-ing) soccer in this country.  This is your opportunity to have
    a rational, sober discussion with people very much similar to you.
    Please take advantage of this opportunity.
    However,  please feel free to discuss any soccer topic on earth, regarding any FIFA team, league or
    competion, if it will aid in your "canadian" discussion.
This mailing list, is governed by FIFA rules. We expect sportsmanlike competion at all times.
    Please refrain from using foul language or other offences that would have you "booked"
    on the soccer pitch.
    A list member receiving two yellow cards will be expelled from the list.  Member's
    may be expelled immediately (at the list manager's discretion) if the offence is demed to be
    serious in nature.

This is a free service provided for your entertainment and education by the list manager, with great gratitude for their technology to ISFA.


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