Welcome to the CM3 mailing list

Please note:- This list has been created for discussion about CM3 only. I know there is a champman list but lately that list seems to be overrun with off topic mailings which no one seems to be doing anything about, and when people try to get the list back on subject they just get a load of abuse back.

Therefore, this list is to be used for the following things only

Tactics in CM3, ways CM3 could be improved, errors in the game, recommended players, where to find updates or utilities for CM3, bugs that you have found, infact anything to do with CM3.

BUT, I will not tolerate mailings that are way off topic which include, but not limited to:-

The weather, song lyrics, Why Manchester United/Arsenal/insert team name here are crap/cheats/boring

Any persistant offenders will be unsubscribed from the list after being given a warning


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