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Welcome to the home of ISFA's CSKA Moscow Mailing List, a discussion on all subjects relating to one of the Russian largest and most historic football clubs. The purpose of this list is to discuss the team, it's great players, coaching, the future, gossip and rumours.

This list is in Russian language so fans all over the World can join in and share their ideas and experiences with fellow listees.

This webpage is dedicated to inform you on some very important points and procedures relating to this list. Unfortunately, due to lack of disipline on the part of some people, we have had to draw up some rules which every list member must abide by.

The list is available in standard and digest versions. Subscribers to the standard version are sent any posted messages whenever they are submitted to the list, where with the digest version they are sent a single message containing all the messages posted that day.

The Rules

  • Messages posted can contain any information regarding CSKA Football Club. It should not be used as a general discussion list for other matters.
  • Think before you post. Your message will be read by many people worldwide. Before posting consider if your point deserves such a wide distribution ( eg "me too/I agree" postings ). Where possible send private email if you wish to address your point to only a few listees.
  • NEVER send images to the list.
  • Try not to swear as minors may be subscribed. However, if you feel that you cannot refrain from this, then at least censor the language by placing asterisks or something similar within the word.
  • When replying to another subscribers message, remove as much of the original message that you are not replying too. ALWAYS remove banners/signatures from other emails.


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