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   Welcome to the home page of the ISFA English Division 3 mailing list. This page exisits to inform you of some of the rules of the list as well as how to subscribe and unsubscribe. The following paragraphs outline what the list is there for and what it is NOT for.

The Division 3 list is a forum for people who support a team which plays in the English Third division. This means that the list will be dominated by news, views, results and analysis from English 3rd division games. Whilst people who do not support teams in this league are welcome subscribe, and to participate, it is hoped that the content will stay well within the realms of the 3rd division.

All mails posted to the list will be sent to a large number of subscribers. Please think before posting to the list and  please use your discretion. If you find yourself wondering if the content of your message is not right then do not post it. Whilst the rules are relaxed there are a few I'd like to point out:

  1. Racists comments in any way shape or form are not welcome and will result in immeadiate unsubbing.
  2. Advertising of a service is strictly not wanted. Please contact ISFA if you want to advertise on their mailing lists.
  3. Personal web page URL'S should not be posted. You can, of course, include this on the footer of a relevant message to the list.
  4. Mails about football management games are unwelcome... there are more appropriate places for that.
  5. Please try to place "Division3" in the subject of any mail sent to the list as this will help fellow listers seperate mailing list postings from other mails.
  6. Please delete any footers and non-relevant material from replies to messages. Some people must pay for their internet time.
  7. Please try to send messages consisting of more than one line of text and refrain from the "My team are better than yours" type of jibes unless you can back it up with an argument as to why!

Other than the rules above you are pretty much free to do what you want. I hope that this can be a successful list.

What are you waiting for?

Now the moaning is over here's how to get onto the list and start to receive Full coverage of football news, results and gossip in division 3.  Subscribe to our list and join an ever-growing list of soccer-mad enthusiasts.


To unsubscribe, send a blank message to:

To receive digests instead of individual
messages, send a blank message to:

Upon joining please send a quick email to the list introducing yourself and stating what team you support. I look forward to arguing with you in future. If you need any assistance then please do not hesistate to contact me at:


John Bungay.