Galatasaray Mailing List

Galatasaray email list provides fans with an on-line source for discussion and match reports.
Kindly hosted by
ISFA it provides a valuable forum, and a source of information for local and exiled fans alike.

In order to subscribe simply send an email from your account to and in the body of the message type subscribe galatasaray. Once subscribed you can send an email introducing yourself to Then sit back and join the party.


Alternatively, fill out the following form:

the Galatasary League List

my e-mail address


The list strives for quality rather than quantity of information.
Please bear this in mind when posting to the list, as most people
wish to receive useful information and constructive comments.
Anyone abusing the list will be un-subscribed.

Any questions or comments about this list please write to the list maintainer at

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