The Rules

Please note that if you do not abide by these rules then you will be unsubscribed from the list without warning. Constant failure will result in a server ban. You have been warned.

  • Messages posted can contain any information regarding Football Club Internazionale Milano. It should not be used as a general discussion list for other matters.
  • Think before you post. Your message will be read by many people worldwide. Before posting consider if your point deserves such a wide distribution ( eg "me too/I agree" postings). Where possible send private email if you wish to address your point to only a few listees.
  • NEVER send images to the list without prior consent of its administrator.
  • Try not to swear as minors may be subscribed. However, if you feel that you cannot refrain from this, then at least censor the language by placing asterisks or something similar within the word.
  • When replying to another subscribers message, remove as much of the original message that you are not replying too. ALWAYS remove banners/signatures from other emails.
  • Rules updates will be posted regularly to the list by its administrator

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