Welcome to the first mailing for the area known as Mayo in Ireland. Mayo is situated in the West of Ireland and is seen as one of the more progressive areas of football in Ireland. It boasts soccer is played at most levels, the only level lacking is a League of Ireland team.

The highest League in Mayo is the Connacht Senior League, then Mayo Association Football League(Amateur /Junior). Mayo Association Football Youths and Schoolboys cater for underage soccer for Boys and Girls. Mayo Association Football Ladies League cater for Over 16 girls and ladies.       

Soccer is very popular at schools in Primary, Secondary and Third Level schools.

We also hope to get some referees subscribed to the list.

The aim of the mailing list is to provide a forum for all levels of soccer in Mayo,  it is hope to allow to open discussion on all matters of soccer. Exchanging veiw points will hopefully bring new ideas to all levels of the game.

"This is the future of football and we cannot fall behind, we can only lead so that others may follow."   Some quote I read some where 


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