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Own Your Own Soccer Mailing List

You can now have your own soccer e-mail discussion list housed by ISFA for FREE! You pick out the team or soccer subject and we'll set your mailing list complete with automated subscription, auto-responders, automatic copies of subscribers sent to you, digest edition if needed, etc.

All we ask is to allow ISFA to include a small paragraph about the organization and a footer at the bottom of every List message. In return you may have a one page Mailing List Homepage in our web site which will promote your list and will enable fans to subscribe directly from the Web Page!

And now you can be the administrator of your own Mailing List!

Here are the details of our offer

This is what you get

1) A FREE Soccer Mailing List. We will set it up for you, import your list members, or just create it if it is new.

2) ISFA will promote it in our mailings to help your mailing list grow.

3) ISFA will provide you with the Remote Commands so you can manage it from your own PC.

4) A Web Page advertizing your Soccer mailing List and your Club complete with graphics in the ISFA Web server for FREE. You send us the page and we will host it at the ISFA Web Server FREE.

5) The List Web Page will be linked from the Mailing List Page (currently under construction), which will be linked from ISFA's Soccer Services Page

6) There will be a link and instructions to subscribe to your Soccer Mailing List directly from the Web Page.

7) ISFA will register your Mailing List Web page in about 30 Search Engines to give your list and page maximun exposure.

8) All the support and help ISFA can give you.

These are ISFA's Terms for a FREE Mailing List

1) The FREE list must be a SOCCER list. NON-soccer lists will not be accomodated in the ISFA Listserver.

2) There can be no links to pages outside ISFA's Web server in any FREE Web Page. If you wish you can obtain 10MB of Web Space in ISFA's Soccer Web Server. There you can link your page to Web Pages outside ISFA's Web server.

3) ISFA will also add a small footer mentioning the soccer lists sponsor to all mails going through your Soccer mailing List. This is done automatically by the listserver and it will be placed at the very end of the message.

4) ISFA will send it's ISFA News Mailings to your Soccer list. These will generally be small announcements. These mailings are related to Soccer, the IRC and ISFA news and events.

5) The ISFA logo will be placed in your Mailing List Web Page, just like it is in this page, with your choice of the following logos : Download the Current Logos !

So What Do You Do Next?

We feel this is a very fair deal and will give you the very best service and you will not have to worry about moving as we are here to stay and we will concentrate in housing Soccer Mailing Lists. We are building what will hopefully will be "The Home of Soccer in the Internet".

Upon deciding you do want your new or existing Soccer Mailing List to be hosted in the ISFA Mail Server for FREE please send a BLANK mail to :

You should in a few minutes recieve a mail outlining the procedure to get your Soccer Mailing Lists up and running at the ISFA Mail Server.You should be up and running within 3 or 4 days after you send ISFA the materials needed to set up your Soccer Mailing List Web page and the information ISFA needs to set up and configure your FREE Soccer Mailing List.


Copyright 1997 The ISFA. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.
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