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The Shaggy Profile

  • Real Name: Simon Gleave
  • Role: Editor and stirrer-upper
  • Born: Royston, Herts 14-6-1965
  • Occupation: Research Fellow, SSRU, City University, London, UK

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    Subscribed in November 1994 after finally deciding to watch Palace as a London side. I am a Cambridge Utd supporter but having lived in London for 10 years, I don't see them as much as I used to - hence the need for a London side to support. Palace are as close to Cambridge in terms of frustration and excitement so here I am.

    3rd Co-ordinator (Keith Brody, then Simon "Nutmeg" Wise, then Curse/Shaggy)

    Mood: Relaxed although not particularly realistic

    Most Likely to say: "Mine's a pint"

    Least Likely to say: "It's my round." ( well, that's what Nutmeg says).

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