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RSCA ShirtThe RSCA page is constantly developping and now we have a unique new feature. Togheter with ISFA, we started a mailinglist. Every message you post on it willbe received by all the members via E mail. Of course, you can reply to that (which again everyone receives) and so we get a real discussion. So why not joining? Subscribe today and become a member of the RSC Anderlecht Mailinglist, a mailinglist on Belgiums best Soccerteam of the last 50 years.

How to subscribe:

You have to do only one thing to subscribe to the rsca mailinglist.  Send a mail to , leave the topic blank and type in the body : subscribe rsca

To unsubscribe follow the same steps but in the body you have to type unsubscribe rsca

Notice the rscalist is only for messages on RSC Anderlecht , belgian or international football . Misabuse or racial lyrics are not tolerated and will remove you automatticaly from the list. The RSCAlist is accessible for everybody.