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The Russian Roulette Soccer Predictions List provides people a chance to participate in the FREE Prediction Leagues of Russian Championship and other soccer events. This List has been set-up to allow you to take part in discussion with other Football fans to talk about all things relating to the King of Sports.

The Russian Roulette Soccer Predictions List is open to anyone who wants a forum for discussion, exchange of ideas and is interested in Russian Federation Football's developments. Topics include match reports, club trade rumors, new signings, national side reports and specific tournament and events discussion, but you are asked to please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Please use your discretion when posting on the list. Your message will be read worldwide. If you have to think twice about the message you are posting, you're better off not posting it.
  • Messages posted should contain information pertaining to Russian Football. The list should not be used to discuss any other matters. If you want to use football to start nationalistic, sectarian or racial confrontations, go away.
  • Please try to place "Russian Roulette" in your message title, as this will make it easier for your fellow subscribers to distinguish the message from other emails.
  • Full coverage of Football news, results and gossip are posted to the list, So what are you waiting for? Join our ever-growing list of football-mad members and subscribe to our list.



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