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Welcome, folks. As said in the headers of this page, this page is the Serie A Mailing List. It will talks mainly about Serie A, the best league in the world. Serie A, the first division of Italian League, contains 18 teams competing with each other. After 34 matches played by every team, 4 lowest teams will be relegated to Serie B. Look...... 4 lowest teams. So, the competition is very hard and also good.

Some of the Serie B teams or even Serie C teams had ever went to Serie A, so we will discuss about it too in this mailing list. We consider that those relegated teams had once been very strong and played in Serie A.

You can discuss everything about Serie A here. You can post news, rumours, opinions, informations, and others. You can discuss about players, teams, match results, transfers, and other things. But, remember, always related to Serie A.

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