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This mailing list is dedicated to the great Giuseppe 'Beppe' Signori.

A short history of Beppe's career

Giuseppe broke into Serie A in September of 1991 with Foggia. In his first year he scored 11 goals and before the season had ended he was already playing for the Italian national squad. The next year he was transfered to Lazio. There he flourished with goal after goal as the biancazzurri's star foward.

He led the toughest league in the world in scoring 3 times including in 1994 when he scored 23 goals in 24 games. Giuseppe won great appeal with the Lazio fans perhaps more then any player for any club had before. He is so adored by his fans that in 1995 his rumored transfer caused rioting.

Between 92' and 95' Giuseppe made 23 appearances for Italy scoring 7 times as a midfeilder. His non selection to the Euro 96 team after leading the league with 24 goals played a major part in the firing of Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi. Now post 30 and playing in Bologna Giuseppe Signori is returning to old form after dealing with a season ending injury in 1998. He's been a player for several clubs but for Lazio he'll always be a legend.

The purpose of this list is to celebrate the career of Beppe Signori. Anything is acceptable as long as it is somehow related to Guiseppe "Beppe" Signori. For instance expressing your love for him, as a player, opinions on his recent and past performances, statistics, infromation and trivia on him, rumors, etc.

After joining the list please introduce yourself. Any language is acceptable however an English translation should accompany any non-English posts.


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