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The Singapore Evertonians Mailing List is a mailing list for all Evertons and especially for Evertonians in Singapore. This is a special place for supporters to air their own opinions, debate with another supporter regarding a certain issue, post rumours, latest news and results on their favourite team, Everton Football Club. Supportes can also mail their own private discussion via email. This mailing list is a strictly soccer mailing list and unrelated topics should not be discussed in this mailing list. Other soccer related issue may be discuss but should be kept to it's minimun.

If you would like to join the Singapore Evertonians Mailing List, please follow the steps below.

  1. Send a mail to listserver@isfa.com
  2. Leave the subject box empty
  3. In the message box, type in : subscribe sinblues
  4. If you would like to unsunscribe, type in : unsubscribe sinblues
  5. After your subscribtion, send your mails to sinblues@isfa.com

Alternatively, use the following form:

the SinBlues List

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This mailing list has been kindly provided by ISFA and is maintain by the Singapore Evertonians Web Site webmaster
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Since 3 June 1997