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Blue andWhite Greetings!!!!

This is the place to join the new mai list which is about the Danish football club Lyngby FC and its supporters.
If you want to join the Lyngby mail list, please read through these "rules":


The idea is to get news, information, ideas and more about Lyngby around to as many people as possible


All fans are welcome at the list as long as they follow these rules. (Especially nr. 8)



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When you are writing your submitmens, always start the subject with: LFC (Short for Lyngby FC), Fx. LFC is the BEST!.


All languages is allowed on the list, but you cant expect that danes can understand russian, croation and that kind of languages! :) The main language is Danish, bur English and perhaps French and German is okay.


Flaming (To write the same letter like 100 times) of the list is ABSOLUTLY NOT ALLOWED. You will be immediatly banned of the list!!
If you got any further questions about the Lyngby mail list, you are very welcome to write to the webmaster at: jokkels@post2.tele.dk

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