Puyol confirmed he will leave Barcelona in June

Carles Puyol announced this afternoon that cease to belong to Barcelona at the end of the season . The press conference at which he announced his decision has been broadcast live on Youtube. According to the Blaugrana captain the reason for his departure is that after the last two operations for which he underwent a hard time recovering the level that he is required to play for a team like Barca.

The decision taken Puyol has not been welcomed by surprise , as the Catalan media took a while handling this possibility, and the announcement of his appearance before the media this afternoon few doubted that what was going to announce his departure from Barcelona in June. doubt whether he’d announce his withdrawal has not been cleared , as the Blaugrana still integral template said he does not know what will happen from June.

Good afternoon, thanks for being here. The reason for the call today is to inform you that at the end of season stop being Barcelona player. The club knows this and agree to terminate our contract and waive the two years that remain outstanding. After the last two operations so aggressive, it’s costing me a lot to regain the level that I demand me to continue here, more than I thought and much of what I had been told surgeons. So I took this decision . I would like to say three things about it, do not leave now, three months left championship where those who know me know that I will not lower the arms until the end to help the team achieve the goals this season. No what I will do after June 30, which I have clear is that when the season ends I need to rest . Wear four years without rest because of injury and then we’ll see what happens. Finally yes I would like to make an end of season press conference to say goodbye to all the people who accompanied me during these fifteen seasons that day and answer any questions you please “were the words of Captain blaugrana.

Thus, in June to Barcelona lose one of their banners, a player who based caste, and courage won the affection of Worldwide Soccer . Maybe that indomitable breed is to blame for his farewell, as Puyol has always wanted to be in the field and often has recovered from his injury sooner than expected. If Puyol had dosed their efforts, and if the club had known her crave stop playing, maybe today would not announce his farewell . What is clear is that the club lost one of its most important players of the golden era of the blaugrana club and his place will be hard to replace.

Puyol debuted with Barcelona’s first team in 1999 and has since managed to gain an impressive record as it has won 21 titles with Barcelona (3 Champions League, 6 leagues, 2 Spanish Cups 6 Spain Super Cups, 2 European Super Cups and 2 Mundialitos Club). Also, if there is anything that has characterized Puyol in his career has been his nobility. Despite its undeniable caste, Barca captain never had any attitude out of place in the pitch, but the opposite . If any Barca player that can boast manor and values, that is Carles Puyol.

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The Barcelona tab Halilovic, “Messi of the Balkans”

Alen Halilovic , Croatian midfielder 17 years who currently plays for Dynamo Zagreb , fichar

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Antoine Griezmann, in the orbit of Real Madrid

The excellent performance of Antoine Griezmann, who is completing a spectacular season, is not going unnoticed. When known interest from teams like Juventus , Arsenal or PSG to be done with this young talent is joined Real Sociedad now the Real Madrid , according to various media point. Florentino Perez and knows that to win the French must pay the termination clause, as happened last summer with Illarramendi .

Born in Macon 22 years ago, Antoine Griezmann Real Sociedad came 13 years after being discarded by several French clubs, including Olympique Lyon and since then his football career has been meteoric . In the 2009/10 season, which ended with the final climb of txuriurdin club, took the first realistic Griezmann directly from the youth team, and since then has improved his numbers unstoppable to become, to date Today, in one of the figures League .

This season The txuriurdin squad has broken all records currently being exceeded only by Cristiano Ronaldo and in the scoring charts, which has drawn the attention of the big teams Europe, who yearn for taking the services of one of the most talented players in European football. The last one, the Real Madrid , who according to various media would be very interested in his signing of the forthcoming season.

In San Sebastian, and goes almost secure his departure in June , the institution watching the teams interested in his signing and the spectacular performance that is offering the shirt of the Royal Society, although its output may be hindered if the club is classified txuriurdin again for the Champions League . The club chaired by Jokin Aperribay believes that if Real does fight marking each season European competition objective is to play harder than his figures want to go.

In today Antoine Griezmann name on everyone’s lips is, apart from the alleged interest from Real Madrid, for his debut in a call for the national team of France. The French coach Didier Deschamps, has released the list of 24 players who will be next March 5 to face in Paris, in a friendly match, the Netherlands, and among them is the txuriurdin player , which was sanctioned by the Federation of their country until last December 31 for an overnight getaway, along with several colleagues when he was concentrated with the selection-21

Given the proximity of the World, to be held next summer, it seems that Griezmann be in Brazil defending the colors of their country.

More info - Courtois, also in the orbit of Real Madrid

Article Antoine Griezmann, in the orbit of Real Madrid has originally been published in Football News

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Anoeta, impregnable for Barcelona


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Courtois, also in the orbit of Real Madrid

Thibaut Courtois has become a target for Real Madrid next season, according to published today sports daily AS . The Belgian, who plays for Atl

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The Real Union, a historic club to the brink


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Outrage in San Sebastian with arbitrations and attitude of Barcelona

The semifinal Copa del Rey disputed between Real Sociedad and Barcelona continues to speak. While in Barcelona said the club qualified for the Final with an exhibition -obviously nonexistent, in San Sebasti

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The Royal Society marks the way forward

are bad times for football. called “bubble football ” is about to explode and equipment, used until recently to make big payouts to train their staff must change their modus operandi . The solution is clear, go for the quarry, something that is a reference the Royal Society , with a workforce plagued by homegrown has played this season Champions League and morning his pass is played to the Final Cup , which is very commendable and praiseworthy.

In recent years we have observed as the teams in the league, except Barcelona , Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid , are increasingly having difficulty insoles guarantee. Football no longer generates as much money as before and there are few teams that draw millions in debts that can not cope . Given this situation, the solution is simple, yet complicated; quarry. I say it’s complicated, because this work takes time and dedication, and there are many teams who have long neglected the work with the quarry.

The role model is clear, just look at the Royal Society. txuriurdin entity that always characterized by his philosophy quarry for years fell into the trap of not signing every year few foreigners who did not improve at all what you had in your own home. So relegation to Second Division came in the 2006/07 season. After wasting millions in signing mediocrities, the Royal Society was due to this disastrous management, to the verge of bankruptcy when I

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Gareth Bale could return to the Premier League next season

Real Madrid last summer presented Gareth Bale , for which the club chaired by Florentino Perez paid an amount close to 100 million euros , said on Tottenham at the time, and now, when carried played seven months of competition, you can only say that today the signing of Welsh, called to be a leader of the League for the price paid for it, is a real fiasco .


suggest different means Carlo Ancelotti is getting tired tired of alleged physical problems signing merengue brand, and is of the view that what really happens is that Gareth Bale is not knowing pressure suit of playing in a team like Real Madrid. So much so, that according to these media Italian coach has thought to ask Florentino Perez, if the situation does not change between now and June Welsh, who yields to the Premier League available for minutes remove this pressure off that grips you. Of course, after the fortune that paid for it, Florentino Perez would not do anything to give grace its media signing this season.

To date, Gareth Bale, who was destined to play a leading role in merengue template has only played 923 minutes in the league, spread over 14 games, and has completed only 90 minutes in 6 of them . Despite having already 8 goals in the league, Gareth Bale’s performance to date in the Real Madrid is not being, much less, as expected, since Welsh is far of that player who copaba the covers of the English press last season.

The same could be said of the other two signings that made the Royal Madrid last summer, Isco e Illarramendi . While former player M

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The resignation of Carlos Vela World causes a stir in Mexico

Carlos Vela will not be in the World Cup in Brazil. The Mexican striker Royal Society , as has been happening in the last four years, again waiving his selection, after a meeting with Miguel Herrera , the Tri coach , Madrid . This decision has provoked harsh criticism at home, because almost no one in Mexico understands that a player gives up something as prestigious as representing his country in a World Cup .

The own Miguel Herrera , which met on Sunday with Carlos Vela in Madrid, taking advantage of the Royal Society was in the Spanish capital play their league match against Atletico Madrid , to learn first hand the willingness of the player face to be called to play the World Cup, the media reported that Cancun will not ultimately in Brazil . ” “.

Given the hype that has been formed in New Mexico before Carlos Vela refusal to donning the shirt of the Tri while reaching accuse some media, and not just fans of high treason , footballer of the Royal Society, the best Mexican soccer player of the moment , sent a letter to the media explaining the reason for its decision, making clear that person is consistent with their actions .

At every meeting I’ve had with various people, who once were the technicians responsible for the selection, them I externship that my country is Mexico and it always will be. However, this process has been developed for the next World Cup just, I have not been 100% mentally to represent or be part of this representative, who deserves the best of my respect . When you do, it will be because I will be at that time, provided of course, there is still interest in part responsible for the proper selection to be called. Only 23 players will go to Brazil. The vast majority or all attending the World will be very fortunate. Some of these 23 have lived, enjoyed and suffered this rating would not be fair of me to any of them to let me stay out instead

Some also says, as the journalist Ricardo Magall

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