Barcelona loses to Dani Alves for the final of Copa del Rey

There is good news for the Barcelona in their defensive area. A few days ago met the knee problem and Carlos Puyol just met now broken collarbone Dani Alves . Both defenses are pretty hard to be present in the final of the Copa del Rey , they will face Athletic Bilbao this coming May 25. By contrast, Guardiola, which will be his last game as coach of Barcelona, ??has been known that Pinto and Alexis Sanchez and coach can be completely normal.

If Barcelona had few troops in defense, their situation starts to be more of concern in this part of the team. In the absence of Puyol (surgery on right knee cartilage) is added Dani Alves with a broken collarbone that will need surgery to full recovery. However, from the Barcelona medical staff is not ruled out a miraculous recovery of both players for the final of the Copa del Rey, although it is quite complicated. If you can not be recovered any, Pique and Mascherano form as central and the squad Martin Montoya will take the place of the Brazilian side.

Instead, Guardiola has learned that another may have Alexis Sanchez and Pinto

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Chelsea and Manchester United, after Falcao

falcao chelsea and manchester united falcao after Radamel Falcao is the fashion front in Europe. Win twice consecutively the Europa League (with Porto and Atletico Madrid) and being top scorer in his two sureties were to become the object of desire of all the leading clubs in Europe, especially Chelsea and Manchester United . “El Tigre”, his nickname is now in Colombia, where Atletico Madrid has planned a tour matches. The Colombian, asked about his future, said red and white just think: diplomat.
/> “ Today my head is just starting Atletico Madrid , “Falcao said when asked if he wanted to play for Chelsea (it says it could 15 million euros and Fernando Torres) and Manchester United. What is clear is that this begins one of the soap opera of the summer. Atletico Madrid do not have a first class financial situation, aggravated by not entering Champions, where they get significant revenue. Many speak to sell Falcao as a necessity. For he was paid 45 million make a summer and performance has been fantastic. In fact, the Colombian also referred to holding the Europa League in Madrid . “The journey through the streets of Madrid was amazing. 100,000 people with us, it was crazy. This title filled me more than last year (with Porto) for all that he had spoken of Atletico Madrid, it was a mistake to go there, he would not win anything … “.

Atletico Madrid, meanwhile, also looks at the market in case Falcao emigrated to another club. The first to appear, in addition to Torres, is French Olivier Giraud , who plays for Montpellier. Its starting price is about 20 million euros.

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Villarreal, descent and selling players

In nine months, the Villarreal has gone to hobnob with the big Champions League to be in the Second Division. Not only is there loss in sport, but also economically . For starters, television revenues will increase from 30 million to a virtually symbolic and revenue tickets or for not playing in Europe. Consequence: You must reduce the budget of over EUR 60 million to no more than 25 million euros. Second consequence: must sell assets . That is, players. And he has coveted pieces.
/> Villarreal grew up with the quarry to be surrounded by great players. Now, again, after 12 seasons between the majors, will return to that model out talents (what happens is that Villarreal B also falls) of his quarry, players who have played at least minutes in the Silver category Spanish football. For the heavyweights of the current squad will migrate . We must reconcile accounts and pay these players are important. Furthermore, that one exception, they want to play in other Premiership clubs.

The eyes of the other teams will be set primarily in Borja Valero, Nilmar, and Bruno Soriano

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Provisional list of Vicente Del Bosque

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There was no prize for Osasuna after a great run out of Europe campaign

opt 760add77 1afp1501201217h35m1727 no prize for osasuna after a great run out of europe campaign

Osasuna is out prize Reds who were The over many days in positions of Champions

. The racinguistas struck first through Stuani but goals from Ibrahima, Cejudo and Raul Garcia has been out this season in his assignment to Osasuna, both in the field and in the statistics, they turned to the scoreboard and win the visitors.

Unfortunately for them Levante and Atl

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Matches Up to Second and Second B

Today was held the draw for the pairings of teams Second Division B Third Division The winners will face each other for a place direct to the winner Up to Second Division: Real Madrid Castilla Cadiz and Atletico Baleares-Mirand

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champion europa league atletico madrid atletico opt 3 0 athletic: league europe was held in neptune

Atletico Madrid has Athletic Bilbao tax Bielsa made two changes at half-risky , giving way to Ibai Gomez and Inigo Perez instead of two defensive players as cutting and Iturraspe Aurtenetxe. That game benefited the lions, who enjoyed opportunities to tie the game … but when he was coming to an end, emerged the figure of Brazilian Diego Thus Cholo Simeone, pulls us back to his master, Marcelo Bielsa MATCH: Athletic Athletic Goals Referee Trouble


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New calls for Euro

still calls out for Championship of Ukraine and Poland this summer. This time they were Croatia and France who have advanced Not many surprises French surprising absences of Lass Diarra (Real Madrid) and Mathieu (Valencia). Both players had been told in parts of the season The final list of Croatia will be a day earlier, on May 28. In the press conference, Bilic wanted to make one thing clear, the end of the Euro, removed Croatia, one of the rivals of Spain CROATIA: FRANCE:

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Changes in the league Argentina

The major leagues are ending and thus begin the changes in regulations and calendars. The federations of countries every year devise new and complicated proposals League’s fame lies in Argentina two champions a year, the opening and closing . Personally I always liked that format, and gives more options open to everyone. From next year in Argentina only be one champion league

Next season will see only a champion of the First Division, which will leave a final playing in a neutral stadium the winners of the Apertura and Clausura. Falls into the category “B” will be three more stop and will be for averages.

Morning last met Premier League clubs with the Argentina Football Association and confirmed what was being a rumor since April Many may wonder what will happen if the champion Opening and Closing of the results be the same. In that case, would be proclaimed champion live The last point is the format for the classification to Libertadores Cup


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The most anticipated end

A few hours after the final , the teams seem determined by both coaches, there are no excuses that can determine the outcome of the match. Both Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid as face in the final Spanish Bielsa and Simeone already have their own isolated and prepared for a final in Spanish football history

Falcao said at a press conference ahead of their impressions be the player go down in history with a goal : “I think a goal mark a player and is special. Today, no matter who gets what because we want to win, but, going over the score gives you peace of mind and drive a little game. “

to Mayor Bilbao On the part of Atletico Madrid, has traveled also the mayor of Madrid , Ana Botella, although its main fan will the Prince of Asturias Possible Alignments : Atletico Madrid (4-2-3-1): Athletic Bilbao (4-3-3): Referee meeting:


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