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Gareth Bale could return to the Premier League next season

Real Madrid last summer presented Gareth Bale , for which the club chaired by Florentino Perez paid an amount close to 100 million euros , said on Tottenham at the time, and now, when carried played seven months of competition, you can only say that today the signing of Welsh, called to be a leader of the League for the price paid for it, is a real fiasco .


suggest different means Carlo Ancelotti is getting tired tired of alleged physical problems signing merengue brand, and is of the view that what really happens is that Gareth Bale is not knowing pressure suit of playing in a team like Real Madrid. So much so, that according to these media Italian coach has thought to ask Florentino Perez, if the situation does not change between now and June Welsh, who yields to the Premier League available for minutes remove this pressure off that grips you. Of course, after the fortune that paid for it, Florentino Perez would not do anything to give grace its media signing this season.

To date, Gareth Bale, who was destined to play a leading role in merengue template has only played 923 minutes in the league, spread over 14 games, and has completed only 90 minutes in 6 of them . Despite having already 8 goals in the league, Gareth Bale’s performance to date in the Real Madrid is not being, much less, as expected, since Welsh is far of that player who copaba the covers of the English press last season.

The same could be said of the other two signings that made the Royal Madrid last summer, Isco e Illarramendi . While former player M

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Bale begins to show signs of what you do

gareth bale 64525 captures all eyes opt bale begins to show signs of what you do

With so weary that was the summer with the soap opera Bale And in the last few games Gareth has uncovered not only as a scorer with a brace which includes an authentic goal, but as a magician of the assistance, which was curiously strong Di Maria The truth is still missing by scoring a lot of goals and many assists give justify each euro that Real Madrid left in the coffers of Tottenham The Whites began to rub his hands. If the success of Florentino


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Florentino Perez lied about the transfer of Gareth Bale

statements of a manager of Tottenham, who participated directly in the negotiations for the transfer of Gareth Bale, leave evidence Florentino Perez , who claimed to have paid 91 million euros by the 24 year old Welsh international and certify the many thought, that Real Madrid hid the true figure of the cost of the transfer for not “hurt” Cristiano Ronaldo , which at the time paid 94 million euros.

The diary As , for example, made contact with the leader of Tottenham, whose name has not transpired, to see first hand the amount disbursed Real Madrid to secure the services of Gareth Bale. “ Bale paid exactly 86 million pounds (101 million euros). Not one more, no less … “was his reply. About the reasons why Florentino has hidden the true figure of the transfer, the aforementioned leader of the Spurs was very emphatic: “ Madrid was concerned what might think Christian “.

Apparently Florentino Perez has not only lied about the total cost of Gareth Bale transfer, but also on the salary you will receive the new player of Real Madrid . While the chief executive merengue said at the time that the Welshman would charge a figure close to 6 million euros, the truth is that the real figure your chip is 10 million euros, as is currently charged Cristiano Ronaldo , as hinted the “confident” British AS .

Although some sports media like Brand , assured a month ago that Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo had reached an agreement to renew the contract of Portuguese , this seems not to be true, given Florentino Perez behavior in negotiations with Tottenham to close the signing of Gareth Bale. Apparently Madrid president included a clause to keep secret the actual numbers of transfer , why has not leaked the name of the leader of the Spurs that has failed that clause.

Real Madrid are afraid that Cristiano Ronaldo decides not to renew his contract with the entity merengue. Everyone knows that Portuguese wants to be at a computer to be the highest paid, and we all know that Christian was also very proud to be the player for which he had paid more a football team . Will have to see how to take this the Portuguese star, who on more than one occasion has hinted he would like to return one day to Manchester United . In addition, the British press takes time ensuring that Christian will not renew his contract with Real Madrid. To see how this story ends …

this will influence the negotiations between Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid to renew his contract? How do you fit the Portuguese stop being the most expensive signing in football history?

Photo - What


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The other advantage of Bale: Summers lightly loaded

bale kisses shield shirt for real madrid new player presentation bernabeu opt bale the other advantage: summers lightly loaded

Real Madrid is just made with waiting that is one of its stars in the coming years, which is none other than Gareth Bale . Interestingly, it will be possible, with all the drama of his signing As everyone knows, times properly fulfill with regard to break


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Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, two roosters in the same pen

’s over at last, the drama of the summer. Gareth Bale and is new player of Real Madrid after months of intense negotiations. The Welshman, one of the world’s best players last season, and share with Cristiano Ronaldo costume , who has not renewed his contract with Real Madrid. Be seen whether the arrival of former Tottenham player influences the decision of the Portuguese, used to being the focus of his team.

Yesterday Sunday, a Closing day before summer transfer market became official the signing of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, who have paid to Tottenham a figure of around 100 million euros for his transfer. The 24 year old Welsh international arrived in Madrid early this morning and this afternoon has been presented at the Bernabeu surrounded by his family. The Cardiff has claimed that playing for Real Madrid will realize the dream she had since childhood .

Gareth Bale last season stressed greatly, which despite not being striker failed to score no less than 21 goals in the Premier League, which led him to be considered one of the best players of the moment . Very powerful player with blistering pace, Welsh is a very versatile player. It can act both side, end and playmaker incuse without lower performance one iota, as demonstrated in the ranks of the Spurs .

If the Welsh international at Real Madrid pays the same level as last season, Florentino Perez could have a problem, and also fat. Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet renewed his contract with Real Madrid and Portuguese is a player who likes to be the center of attention of the media. be seen how Christian takes his new companion hog the spotlight of the media , if there is this. In England, though here otherwise stated, are convinced that the Portuguese star will, sooner or later, to a Manchester United who dreams of his return.

On the other hand, today confirmed the departure of Kaka , which returns to Milan Adriano Galliani after failing to excel in the four seasons who has worn the shirt of Real Madrid. Apparently the club chaired by Florentino Perez not enter one euro operation , but you’ll save the $ 20 million were collected in Brazil in his remaining two seasons on his contract with the club merengue.

Kaka’s departure might not be the only one, since

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According to various media, Real Madrid and Gareth Bale has signed

croatias luka modric gareth bale r and wales 1384344 opt according to various media, real madrid has signed gareth bale

Real Madrid And according to speculation in the media, the final amount of the transfer would 99 million , avoiding overcome the barrier of 100, which, despite being almost the same, would be worse seen by many especially considering how is the economic situation in the country. It is expected that early Friday announcing the arrival of Bale, who has long dorsal 11 reserved (with which indeed play today Cristiano Ronaldo Coentrao would go to Tottenham but whether in the same or in another parallel operation while Di Maria

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Jesse could go on loan to Malaga if it Gareth Bale

Bale saga ” is playing at third.

If you recently speculated output Di Mar

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Need the Real Madrid Gareth Bale?

281 808 opt heroa need real madrid gareth bale?

Florentino said that these players alone his amortized signing It is true that would be a blow, and surely, if triumphant end to sign him, but … Is there other priority needs that could be covered in that pasture?


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The Real Madrid fans still claims to Gareth Bale

The Real Madrid fans still demanding the president Florentino Perez that Gareth Bale fiche It is in the presentation of Benalmadena could hear voices of fans who not only thanked Florentino Today was the same during the presentation of Illarramendi think that Real Madrid will end by signing Gareth Bale?


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Gareth Bale, the drama that comes …

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The truth is that for Bale, there is no other option than Real Madrid And is that Bayern Munich, that next season Pep Guardiola train Do you think Bale is the soap opera this summer?

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