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The resignation of Carlos Vela World causes a stir in Mexico

Carlos Vela will not be in the World Cup in Brazil. The Mexican striker Royal Society , as has been happening in the last four years, again waiving his selection, after a meeting with Miguel Herrera , the Tri coach , Madrid . This decision has provoked harsh criticism at home, because almost no one in Mexico understands that a player gives up something as prestigious as representing his country in a World Cup .

The own Miguel Herrera , which met on Sunday with Carlos Vela in Madrid, taking advantage of the Royal Society was in the Spanish capital play their league match against Atletico Madrid , to learn first hand the willingness of the player face to be called to play the World Cup, the media reported that Cancun will not ultimately in Brazil . ” “.

Given the hype that has been formed in New Mexico before Carlos Vela refusal to donning the shirt of the Tri while reaching accuse some media, and not just fans of high treason , footballer of the Royal Society, the best Mexican soccer player of the moment , sent a letter to the media explaining the reason for its decision, making clear that person is consistent with their actions .

At every meeting I’ve had with various people, who once were the technicians responsible for the selection, them I externship that my country is Mexico and it always will be. However, this process has been developed for the next World Cup just, I have not been 100% mentally to represent or be part of this representative, who deserves the best of my respect . When you do, it will be because I will be at that time, provided of course, there is still interest in part responsible for the proper selection to be called. Only 23 players will go to Brazil. The vast majority or all attending the World will be very fortunate. Some of these 23 have lived, enjoyed and suffered this rating would not be fair of me to any of them to let me stay out instead

Some also says, as the journalist Ricardo Magall

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Carlos Vela depends upon himself for the World Cup

repeatedly After resigning his selection, Carlos Vela is in his hand to play the next World Cup , to be staged next summer in Brazil, although this footballer of the Royal Society must convince Miguel Herrera , who has taken the reins of the Tri , that craves represent their country in the most prestigious tournament in world football.

Mexico’s new coach will travel to Europe next February and his idea is the meeting with Carlos Vela in San Sebastian , to spot check the readiness of the player for the World Cup next year, according to different media said. ” “.

Mexico failed to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil going many troubles. In fact, the ball did not come until the playoffs to eliminate New Zealand , after a qualifying round where De la Torre offered a yield well below expectations, ranking fourth in their group (North, Central America and Caribbean), after United States , Costa Rica and Honduras .

Although in Mexico there who does not want in the selection , due to their ongoing resignations incorporating Carlos Vela would be a very great news for the Aztec country as Real Sociedad player, only 24 years old, is living the best moment of his career in San Sebastian , where after not noted in the various operator where he was on loan from Arsenal, has found its place and has regained his best, one that led him to join Arsenal after being the most outstanding player of World sub17 2005 was proclaimed

Signed by the Royal Society for three summers, first on loan and then owned, Carlos Vela has become the estrellla of txuriurdin box (whitish in Basque), and was one of the greatest architects of last season’s team San Sebasti

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Carlos Vela seems willing to play the World Cup with Mexico

Carlos Vela, who has been giving to the selection of Mexico, meditates go to World Cup Brazil 2014 with the selection of your country , but first wants to talk to the coach of the Tri , Miguel Herrera , which is scheduled to travel to San Sebastian to see first hand the intentions of the attacker Real Sociedad.

Carlos Vela The clash of the national team is long, four years ago, when Cancun was sanctioned along with two companions, with six-month suspension due to a party held in a hotel with disreputable women following a friendly against Colombia . Although the party most of the members of the Tri part, Carlos Vela was considered one of the organizers of it.

Although it is said that this sanction is why it is said that Vela waive your selection, the truth is that after to fulfill it he played several friendlies with Mexico . Nobody knows for sure what are the reasons for their continued rudeness. Some will point to the tensions that exist between apparently footballer Real Sociedad and the Federation, others speak of the reason was De la Torre … The truth is that changed after coach Carlitos followed waiving your choice .

Perhaps one reason for which until now has not wanted to go to Mexico, even with new coach reviews are ferocious received by a sector of the Mexican press and a large section of the fans of the country , unforgiving continue their resignations. Most often, the player does not feel loved, but who knows what goes through the head of the Real Sociedad player …

What has been know that this article is that signature now Carlos Vela would be willing to go to the World with Mexico, since more than one occasion joked with some teammates to go to World their respective teams with the opportunity to meet in the final of the World , which could suggest that Vela would be willing to return to the Tri, even after having given up the last Olympics , where curiously Mexico won the title of Champion.

Carlos Vela would do well to return to the national team?

More info - PSG want “fish

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Carlos Vela is left wanting for Real Madrid


Although he has never hidden his” affection “for the Real Madrid , which is a fan club from the time in which Hugo Sanchez got fed up with scoring goals for whites, do not seem very lucky the statements made yesterday by Carlos Vela in Radio Brand , in which the Mexican attacker the Royal Society showed his willingness to play for Real Madrid if the club merengue so wishes , especially considering that the Royal played a very important game tomorrow Wednesday Old Trafford against Manchester United , where the box will be played txuriurdin your choices to stay alive in the Champions League.

have not sat at all well the words of Carlos Vela in an important sector of the hobby txuirurdin, especially after what happened with Asier Illarramendi , the flagship of the Royal Society last season, after declaring love eternal to Real this summer signed by Real Madrid for Ancelotti after paying the club chaired by Florentino Perez 39 million euros , becoming the Mutriku in national footballer that has paid the club merengue in their history.

On Monday, two days before the decisive match at Old Trafford, Carlos Vela was interviewed Radio Marca in and the Mexican made some surprising statements that have not left anyone indifferent. It is also true that Cancun recognizes that now just think at the Royal Society, but let hinted that if Real Madrid or Barcelona require their services one day, he shall impose no impediment to fruition operation.

“I’m great in San Sebastian. They live very well here and so far I do not think of anything else other than the Real, but the future never know. Each transfer market anything can happen . I’m enjoying it here, because we are living a great year, and at the end of each season we’ll see. the moment not thinking about anything other than the Real “.

When asked about their preferences before the game to be played this Weekend Real Madrid and Barcelona, ??Carlos Vela recognizes that whites prefer to win. “ I have to Cesc, who is a great friend, at the club and that balances everything a little more but I pulled the Madrid . I’m white. Players including Hugo Sanchez, Ronaldo, Beckham or Zidane have made me like the Madrid “.

On if he would play for Real Madrid Carlos Vela stated bluntly that “ course I would go to Real Madrid. It is the dream of any player, Barca and Madrid are the top can aspire to any player, so I’d love . How much would you pay for my move? That would have to ask the president.

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Carlos Vela: “In San Sebastian I found my place”


After several assignments in which failed to deploy his football, Carlos Vela, the one player who marveled at World sub17 2005, which was the top scorer in San Sebastian found place to be happy and the team, the Royal Society, ideal for enjoying football again . In fact, the Mexican, who is grateful, is one of the best strikers in the league, alongside Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Carlos Vela signed for Arsenal in November 2005 after emphasizing the U17 World, which won Mexico and Cancun that the player managed to be the top scorer. By not enjoy the confidence of Arsene Wenger , the Mexican went through several teams, unnoticed , on loan, before landing in San Sebastian, where also arrived on loan two summers ago. In his first season at Real Sociedad, the bomber maya gave a great performance, scoring 12 goals in the league, which led to an entity txuriurdin to undertake his signing.

Last summer, the Royal Society with Carlos Vela could be owned, donostiarras after paying 3.2 million to Arsenal, who booked a repurchase option that must run every summer before August 10th 2015 if you want to recover the Mexican exchange for 4.2 million . Moreover, the Gunners is guaranteed a percentage if Vela is transferred to a third party.

In San Sebastian, Carlos Vela feels very comfortable as never tires of repeating the footballer born 24 years ago in the tourist resort of Cancun. climate, the beauty of the city and the quality of life of San Sebastian have enamored the attacker maya , which are not covered in any case a change of scenery in the medium term. In addition, the Royal Society found a wardrobe that is like family . All this has meant that Carlos Vela has become one of the best strikers in world football, so it is grateful.

“I’m happy, and looking more. I want to succeed, with the team and personally. When I did not come expecting anything, just wanted to enjoy, to feel important again, and here I’ve got . I found my place in a city and a team that make me feel good, and where I can exploit my skills. I am grateful and I give my best because they both club and the city gave it to me, they deserve it “. The Mexican is so grateful he did not want to know anything of interest from several teams that have been interested in the situation in the recently finalized transfer market, although this has not leaked to the media.

The next offering great performance at the Royal Society, vital for the team to San Sebastian has happened in four years of playing in the second division to the Champions League, has meant that few not considered to Carlos Vela as one of the best strikers in world football scene . In her home country there are many who ask for his return to the Tricolor , which he resigned at the time because of disagreements with which until yesterday was serving as coach. The dismissal of Chepo De la Torre , who has been relieved of office by Luis Fernando Tena , could facilitate the return of Carlos Vela to Tricolor , as the attacker of the Royal Society had long been meditating his return.

Carlos Vela Is one of the best attackers of the world football scene?

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Picture - The Zamarra


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Carlos Vela warns opposing defenses: “I’m running better than ever”

Carlos Vela, one of the sensations of last season, which was uncovered as one of the best attackers in the league , scoring 14 goals despite not being a striker, and was one of the architects of the great performance offered by his team, the Royal Society, is excited at the imminent start of the Liga and sends a message to opposing defenses, who have suffered so much with the speed and quality of the Mexican.

” I am very excited about this new year that I face with beat mentality every day and improve what we did last season. I get better than ever League , after having done all the preseason and I begin to prove since Saturday. ‘m finishing the games with the feeling that I can give even more “were the words of the Aztec attacker and not without reason. Since arriving in San Sebastian two seasons ago, Carlos Vela had failed to make any full season with Real and the current has been shown as one of the most prominent txuriurdin team, scoring six goals and also providing a whole recital in the last two friendly matches against Norwich City and Southampton , both in the Premier League.

Born in Cancun 24 years ago, Carlos Vela signed for Arsenal in the 2005/06 season after highlighting the U17 World of the same year, in which Mexico became champion by winning the final 3-0 to Brazil and now in the Real Sociedad player was the top scorer of the tournament. There he spent five seasons, in which the have no confidence Arsene Wenger was given to several teams, finishing not explode until it was transferred to the Royal Society two summers ago. San Sebastian Carlos Vela has found the perfect place to get all the football in him, as it is very comfortable with the quality of life of San Sebastian and a costume as realistic, which is the most like a family. Not surprisingly, with elastic txuriurdin has managed 27 goals in two seasons, more than half of which has scored throughout his career.

The Royal Society is on the eve of starting a season that has aroused the enthusiasm of all Guipuzcoa, as the now trained by Jagoba Arrasate will have the opportunity to dispute the Phase Groups Champions League , if removed in the last previous maximum continental club tournament to Lyon . Despite having lost his flagship was last season, Asier Illarramendi , who has signed for Real Madrid , the Royal maintains the block as good football deployed the previous year and it was reinforced with two quality players, the striker Haris Seferovic , which has been the “scorer” of the preseason, and newcomer Esteban Granero , a reinforcement of luxury for txuriurdin midfield to counter guarantees Illarra progress. If the carburetor team as last season and Carlos Vela yields to levels that made in recent friendlies, and can start trembling opposing defenses …

Carlos Vela will be able to improve their numbers? Will even the Royal Society the great season that took the course last?

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Carlos Martinez, the pleasant surprise of the Premier League 2012/13

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Carlos Vela the Royal Society asks you to pay to keep him at Arsenal

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Carlos Vela is on track to break records you coming in June Arsenal for him?

Carlos Vela is living in the Royal Society his best since he is a professional footballer . The Mexican, after many assignments you failed to express its full potential, came two summers ago to set txuriurdin loan from Arsenal, who signed him when he was 17 years old. Last season was His breakthrough as a player, as the Mexican he scored twelve goals Viewing the Maya great performance offered in his first season as txuriurdin, Real Sociedad gain bet big on the transfer of Sailing, something achieved after arduous negotiations that lasted several months. In the end, the Royal Society paid about 3.5 million for the transfer and Mexico signed with the organization for four seasons realistic. The Arsenal, aware that the Mexican striker could make further progress in the Real, pocketed a clause that exchange for 4 million euros could repescarlo Nobody can overlook that, and continuing Mexican, Mexican Arsenal to try repescar in June, but this does not mean, or anything, that would sail with the “Gunners”. Charlie, as he is known in his country, seems unwilling to return to England and much less under the orders of an Arsene Wenger never gave continuity needed to advance your career. The Cancun declared by active and passive as found nowhere as comfortable as in the capital of Guipuzcoa, so presumably complicated his return to the Premier, although we know that in the world of football anything can change overnight. In any case, if Arsenal had his way, could not pass it for a year The board of directors of the Royal Society is quiet. In the Real not believe Vela accepts return to Arsenal, since the Mexican lost money because the Royal charges less, to abandon the discipline “gunner” Will you try to sign Arsenal in June back to Carlos Vela? Will you accept the Mexican back under the orders of Arsene Wenger?

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Inter Milan, again after the signing of Carlos Tevez

According to the Italian sports daily Corriere dello Sport, Inter Milan returns to the fray again to achieve the signing of Argentine Carlos Tevez , which will mean an additional difficulty for the president of AC Milan , Silvio Berlusconi, in his desire to have in the ranks of the controversial Rossoneri striker.

Above Milan and PSG


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