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Gareth Bale could return to the Premier League next season

Real Madrid last summer presented Gareth Bale , for which the club chaired by Florentino Perez paid an amount close to 100 million euros , said on Tottenham at the time, and now, when carried played seven months of competition, you can only say that today the signing of Welsh, called to be a leader of the League for the price paid for it, is a real fiasco .


suggest different means Carlo Ancelotti is getting tired tired of alleged physical problems signing merengue brand, and is of the view that what really happens is that Gareth Bale is not knowing pressure suit of playing in a team like Real Madrid. So much so, that according to these media Italian coach has thought to ask Florentino Perez, if the situation does not change between now and June Welsh, who yields to the Premier League available for minutes remove this pressure off that grips you. Of course, after the fortune that paid for it, Florentino Perez would not do anything to give grace its media signing this season.

To date, Gareth Bale, who was destined to play a leading role in merengue template has only played 923 minutes in the league, spread over 14 games, and has completed only 90 minutes in 6 of them . Despite having already 8 goals in the league, Gareth Bale’s performance to date in the Real Madrid is not being, much less, as expected, since Welsh is far of that player who copaba the covers of the English press last season.

The same could be said of the other two signings that made the Royal Madrid last summer, Isco e Illarramendi . While former player M

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The Barcelona could lose Tony Sanabria, the last pearl of his quarry

tony sanabria barcelona could lose tony sanabria, the last pearl of his quarry

things are complicated Bar

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The Bernabeu could incorporate “Microsoft” to its name


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Fernando Llorente could change air in January


They’re not doing anything right things at Juventus Fernando Llorente. Since arriving in Turin, striker Rincon De Soto just has not had opportunities to demonstrate their quality and both the Alpine team, which seek a new striker in the winter , as the player himself, that wants to play the World Cup in Brazil would be willing to look for an exit in January.

Calvary is suffering Fernando Llorente, who began when he decided not to renew with Athletic to sign for Juventus, seems to have no end, at least temporarily, as the striker seems not to have the trust of Antonio Conte , which has just aligned since coming to Italian football. So much so, that according to media transalpine assume that former Athletic player change of scenery on the market next winter transfer.

Fernando Llorente himself would not look askance output in January, as need to have continuity in the playing fields to go to the World of Brazil to defend the title he won with the Spanish team in the last World Cup was played in South Africa in 2010 . Juventus, again according to what is said in the Italian media, would be looking for as a replacement for the lanky striker and Spanish sounding name that is hard is to Christian Benteke international striker Belgium who plays for Aston Villa of the Premier League.

One of the teams interested in acquiring the services of Fernando Llorente could be the Arsenal Wenger Arsenal, who face the difficulties that may occur in the transfer of Karim Benzema or Luis Suarez , players who take time pretending, was thinking seriously request the transfer of striker Juventus Spanish. Although Llorente could not compete with the Gunners the Champions League, his arrival in London would be viewed favorably to oxygenate Giroud and compete with French , which is offering a level Arsenal extraordinary.

Arsenal will not, surely, the only team interested in acquiring the services of The Lion King , as though just not enjoying opportunities in Turin, striker Fernando Llorente is a lot of quality which retains a certain cachet in the soccer world . In fact, in recent days there have been rumors about the possible interest teams like Real Madrid , I’d be thinking seriously open the exit door of a Karim Benzema that is still very challenged by the supporters at the Santiago Bernabeu.

What seems clear is that Fernando Llorente will leave Juventus in the market next winter, probably a loan because it does not account for Conte and the player himself is eager to find minutes on another computer to get back to feeling footballer, after what happened since announcing his non-renewal with Athletic, and power go to Brasil World to Spain defend the title won in South Africa for three and a half years. What is not clear is what will be the new destination.

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Photo - The Republic (Peru)


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Iker Casillas could follow Raul Gonzalez


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The Real Madrid could sign a striker in winter

According to point these days various sports daily national newspaper, the Real Madrid output Higuain Benzema has left Karim Early have not convinced the new coach and that despite his goals and assists, French is showing apathetic What’s more, Crisitiano Ronaldo This is why there are two names sounding like white club futuribles that there are others who Luis Suarez, Liverpool and Falcao Think fichar

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Ancelotti could bet on Arbeloa detrimental Carvajal against Betis

coach Real Madrid , Carlo Ancelotti

is that the coach has dropped at a press conference that Carvajal could be the one for the right side in the league debut, beating the game on Alvaro Arbeloa, undisputed for Mourinho once.

There is still to be seen Carlo decision regarding the goal, although it appears that Iker will be chosen , and in the defensive midfield where Kedhira and Casemiro Do you think Carvajal will start against Betis? Will they Arbeloa displacing the right lane?

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Jesse could go on loan to Malaga if it Gareth Bale

Bale saga ” is playing at third.

If you recently speculated output Di Mar

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Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Real Madrid this summer

Cristiano Ronaldo may be preparing his return to Manchester United , according to the British press in specifically the Daily Star . Apparently the Portuguese star have asked Florentino Perez let him go and he had agreed to negotiate his transfer to the Red Devils , they would be willing to pay an amount close to 92 million euros .

British newspaper quoted According Real Madrid and Manchester United spent days negotiating the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo , after asking it to Florentino to let him return to the club now coached by David Moyes , which took over the team after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson , who probed the Portuguese just fifteen days and saw their willingness to return to the Premier League.

According to various sources suggest this would be the reason that the negotiations between Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid to renew the contract of Portuguese, which expires in June 2015 , are stalled almost a year ago and hence also the enigmatic words of Christian a few months ago, when said he felt a little sad .

Florentino Perez can being forced to negotiate the transfer of Christian, if it is true that counts the Daily Star, because when a player wants to leave a team is all but impossible to retain . Perhaps the top leader merengue interest in taking the services of Gareth Bale , which Real Madrid are willing to offer an amount of around 100 million euros , come led by the 92 million paid Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo to recover. If the transaction takes, Wayne Roonie could leave Old Trafford to join Chelsea Mourinho .

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in June 2009 after military six seasons under coach Sir Alex Ferguson . The club chaired by Florentino Perez paid by transfer an amount close to 80 million pounds (92 million euros), and since his arrival in the Spanish capital, Christian has never hidden his love for hell red and their desire to return one day to Old Trafford , which could be very close to becoming reality, if it is true what the British press published.

Cristiano will leave Real Madrid this summer to return to Manchester United or think that this is an invention of the British press to sell papers?

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The Manchester City could torpedo the signing by Real Madrid Illarramendi

Although many media take it for granted the signing of Asier Illarramendi by Real Madrid, this could be further from what is believed, for the Royal Society remains in its thirteen cl

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