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Puyol confirmed he will leave Barcelona in June

Carles Puyol announced this afternoon that cease to belong to Barcelona at the end of the season . The press conference at which he announced his decision has been broadcast live on Youtube. According to the Blaugrana captain the reason for his departure is that after the last two operations for which he underwent a hard time recovering the level that he is required to play for a team like Barca.

The decision taken Puyol has not been welcomed by surprise , as the Catalan media took a while handling this possibility, and the announcement of his appearance before the media this afternoon few doubted that what was going to announce his departure from Barcelona in June. doubt whether he’d announce his withdrawal has not been cleared , as the Blaugrana still integral template said he does not know what will happen from June.

Good afternoon, thanks for being here. The reason for the call today is to inform you that at the end of season stop being Barcelona player. The club knows this and agree to terminate our contract and waive the two years that remain outstanding. After the last two operations so aggressive, it’s costing me a lot to regain the level that I demand me to continue here, more than I thought and much of what I had been told surgeons. So I took this decision . I would like to say three things about it, do not leave now, three months left championship where those who know me know that I will not lower the arms until the end to help the team achieve the goals this season. No what I will do after June 30, which I have clear is that when the season ends I need to rest . Wear four years without rest because of injury and then we’ll see what happens. Finally yes I would like to make an end of season press conference to say goodbye to all the people who accompanied me during these fifteen seasons that day and answer any questions you please “were the words of Captain blaugrana.

Thus, in June to Barcelona lose one of their banners, a player who based caste, and courage won the affection of Worldwide Soccer . Maybe that indomitable breed is to blame for his farewell, as Puyol has always wanted to be in the field and often has recovered from his injury sooner than expected. If Puyol had dosed their efforts, and if the club had known her crave stop playing, maybe today would not announce his farewell . What is clear is that the club lost one of its most important players of the golden era of the blaugrana club and his place will be hard to replace.

Puyol debuted with Barcelona’s first team in 1999 and has since managed to gain an impressive record as it has won 21 titles with Barcelona (3 Champions League, 6 leagues, 2 Spanish Cups 6 Spain Super Cups, 2 European Super Cups and 2 Mundialitos Club). Also, if there is anything that has characterized Puyol in his career has been his nobility. Despite its undeniable caste, Barca captain never had any attitude out of place in the pitch, but the opposite . If any Barca player that can boast manor and values, that is Carles Puyol.

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Xabi Alonso ponders return to the Royal Society in June


It seems that Xabi Alonso will not continue next season at Real Madrid , since the apparently has decided not to renew his contract with the entity chaired by Florentino Perez, which expires on June 30. According to various sources, midfielder tolosarra 31 years could return next season the club where he trained as a player, the Royal Society , but has a succulent of the Juventus .

Xabi Alonso has always maintained his desire to retire as a player in the ranks of the club that gave him the opportunity to be a professional footballer seems time to return to the Royal Society has come. tolosarra turns 32 next November and if his desire to return home is real, it can not wait for more . The only thing that seems to change her mind could make Gipuzkoa midfielder would be received an irresistible offer and there enters fray Juventus , which is ready to throw the house out the window for hire for Xabi Alonso counteract the possible departure of Andrea Pirlo , you just contract with the club also transalpine next June.

The Real Madrid accepted the request of Xabi Alonso to let him go after fulfilling his contract without receiving any money in return , rightly moved this past summer to find the ideal replacement Tolosa and paid 39 million for the transfer of Asier Illarramendi . The idea was that Florentino Perez and Xabi Illarra play together this season and was adapting to Mutriku play Real Madrid next summer when it comes time to output new signing Xabi Alonso Real Madrid are ready to take the reins of merengue team.

There is also a fact that can be very revealing about the future of Xabi Alonso. The Royal Society sought during the transfer market last summer a midfielder to strengthen his midfield, something lame after Illarramendi outlet , but in no case shuffled sign a midfielder in property but in a loan . This may be because the Real is aware that Xabi Alonso wants to go home, which is why the organization headed by Jokin Aperribay would not have spent a single euro to strengthen its core despite having the coffers full your input for the transfer of Illarramendi.

Although the Royal Society seems willing to welcome with open arms the return of Xabi Alonso, there is considerable concern in San Sebastian by physical problems lately has suffered brain of the Red , since no one wants a repeat of what happened with Joseba Llorente , which could not only play at the Royal in his second season as txuriurdin injured arriving from Villarreal.

What do you think Xabi Alonso ? Tolosa she return the next season to the Royal Society or finish signing for another team?

More - The Royal Society negotiates the transfer of Casemiro

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Xabi Alonso will be free in June 2014

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Malaga may suffer a stampede in June

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Carlos Vela is on track to break records you coming in June Arsenal for him?

Carlos Vela is living in the Royal Society his best since he is a professional footballer . The Mexican, after many assignments you failed to express its full potential, came two summers ago to set txuriurdin loan from Arsenal, who signed him when he was 17 years old. Last season was His breakthrough as a player, as the Mexican he scored twelve goals Viewing the Maya great performance offered in his first season as txuriurdin, Real Sociedad gain bet big on the transfer of Sailing, something achieved after arduous negotiations that lasted several months. In the end, the Royal Society paid about 3.5 million for the transfer and Mexico signed with the organization for four seasons realistic. The Arsenal, aware that the Mexican striker could make further progress in the Real, pocketed a clause that exchange for 4 million euros could repescarlo Nobody can overlook that, and continuing Mexican, Mexican Arsenal to try repescar in June, but this does not mean, or anything, that would sail with the “Gunners”. Charlie, as he is known in his country, seems unwilling to return to England and much less under the orders of an Arsene Wenger never gave continuity needed to advance your career. The Cancun declared by active and passive as found nowhere as comfortable as in the capital of Guipuzcoa, so presumably complicated his return to the Premier, although we know that in the world of football anything can change overnight. In any case, if Arsenal had his way, could not pass it for a year The board of directors of the Royal Society is quiet. In the Real not believe Vela accepts return to Arsenal, since the Mexican lost money because the Royal charges less, to abandon the discipline “gunner” Will you try to sign Arsenal in June back to Carlos Vela? Will you accept the Mexican back under the orders of Arsene Wenger?

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Argentina vs Brazil in June 2012

As confirmed Argentina Soccer Federation, the stadium MetLife the U.S. city of New Jersey , will be the venue which will host the next South American derby between the selected Brazil and Argentina

remember that Argentina and Brazil played two games last year in the confrontation called “super classic of the Americas”. In Cordoba (Argentina) and matched scoreless revenge but Brasil won 2-0 in Bethlehem, keeping the trophy (ex Copa Roca).

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International Friendly Results 2011. 7 and 8 June


This Tuesday for example, highlighted the great victory over Venezuela Spain International Friendly 2011 Results
Tuesday, 7 June

Australia Austria 0-0 Serbia 3-1 0-0 Japan Latvia Republic
Venezuela Czech

Spain 0-3 South Korea 2-1 Ghana

Bolivia 0-0 Paraguay Ecuador 1-1 Norway 1-0 Greece Lithuania

Wednesday, 8 June
China North Korea 2-0 Uruguay
friendlies, friendlies due to global friendly results

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Euro 2012 Qualifiers Results. Week 8 (Tuesday, 7 June)


Euro 2012 Qualifiers Results Group A
id=”more-11628″> Group C
Group D

Group E
Sweden Finland 5-0
View Standings Euro 2012 qualifiers Euro 2012 qualifying, Euro 2012 Results Euro 2012 qualifying, Euro 2012 Results, standings Euro 2012 Qualifiers

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Euro 2012 Qualifiers Results. Day 7 (Saturday, 4 June)


Portugal Euro 2012 Qualifiers Results

Group B

Armenia Russia 3-1 Andorra 1-0 Slovakia 0-2 Macedonia Ireland

View standings Group B

Group F

Israel Latvia 1-2 Greece 3 -1 Malta
Group G

England 2-2 Switzerland Montenegro 1-1 Bulgaria
Group H
Iceland 0-2 Denmark Norway 1-0 Portugal

Euro 2012 qualifying, Euro 2012 qualifying results, standings Euro 2012 Qualifiers

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Euro 2012 Qualifiers Results. Day 7 (Friday, 3 June)


On Friday eleven matches have been completed outside the seventh round of the playoffs to the Euro 2012 , which highlights the important victories of teams like Germany e Italy , and the tie suffered France Euro 2012 Qualifiers Results Group A

Kazakhstan 2-1 Azerbaijan 1-2 Germany Austria 1-1 Belgium
Group C
0-2 Faroe Islands Italy 3-0 Slovenia Estonia

Group D
Romania 3 - 0 Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-1 France Belarus

Group E
Sweden Moldova 1-4
San Marino 0-1 Finland
Group F
Croatia 2-1 Georgia
Group I

Euro 2012 qualifying, Euro 2012 qualifying results Euro 2012 Euro 2012 Results, standings Euro 2012 Qualifiers

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